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Mike Buzzelli

I’m about to get on a boat and go on a swamp tour in New Orleans. It just proves the old saying, “You can talk Mike into anything.” Over the years, my friends have convinced me to jump out of an airplane, go whitewater rafting and sing karaoke.

Mary Jo Podgurski

Q. My brother has Lyme disease. Can you tell me what I need to know about it? I like the way you explain things. Can I get it from him? My mom is a mess. She keeps checking me every time I’m outside. How will I know if I have it?


I think my house is slowly trying to kill me. It’s not like the Amityville Horror house or anything creepy like that. If that were the case, then the house surely would have tried to electrocute me a few months ago when I changed out a light fixture for the first time in my life. I double, t…


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