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Mary Jo Podgurski

Q. If two people start having sex and one person says “stop” and the other person doesn’t listen, is it considered nonconsensual sex? Especially if the person never really said she wanted to, but he just started. But he didn’t hit her or anything like that. And, how do you get someone to sto…

Beth Dolinar

We had one last bit of filming to do before the documentary was complete, just a couple of pick-up shots of a baseball player on the pitcher’s mound. The WQED crew and I were at Mounds Park in Monongahela this week, our fourth or fifth time there during production of the film about the youth…


Dear Annie: I identified with the military family who was expected to go to their parents’ homes for the holidays. It could have been written by me years ago. We played that game out of a sense of duty when we were first married. It was expected, and we obliged, even though we didn’t want to.

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