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Mary Jo Podgurski

Q. We’re having to make a hard decision about our dog. She’s only 9 but has been suffering from health issues for years and they are now suggesting the medicines will no longer work. She’s in a lot of pain. I feel we must make the most humane decision for her. I read “Nonnie Talks About Deat…

Mike Buzzelli

On May 4, Julia and Robert Jones were married in Akron, Ohio. It doesn’t sound like a big, hairy deal, but it could have been if they brought the Wookiee. If you’re keeping up with the Joneses, they’re nuptials were Star Wars-themed. With the traditional exchange of rings, and the untraditio…


About this time of year folks begin to get busy with those warm-weather projects that can only be done in fair weather. One of those chores might entail getting out to the shooting range and finally learning how to use that pistol that has been stored in the bedside drawer for who knows how long.