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Mary Jo Podgurski

Q. When should I talk with my daughter about puberty? She’s 9 and very curious. I fondly remember attending a class with you about growing up when I was a girl. I remember it was at the hospital. My grandma took me because my mom was sick. She died when I was 11, so I’m guessing the class wa…

Joe Biden, Donald Trump, Mike Pence and I were having lunch at Primanti’s out on Route 60. It was just before Christmas 2022, and everyone had the holiday spirit. But suddenly, Biden turned serious.


As I watch a certain member of my family, who may or may not be a judge, prepare to depart for a morning’s hunt, I am taken back to our childhood days of dressing for cold weather hunts in bluejeans, cotton waffle long underwear, felt pack boots, etc.


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