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Dave Molter

I have a confession to make. Even though I write for a newspaper, I don’t sit down in my recliner every day and pore over a physical copy of any newspaper. But I do peruse the news online. So I find out what’s happening not only locally, but nationally and worldwide. I’ve come a long way sin…

Beth Dolinar

This is the story of how I found myself sitting at the piano that was played by Fred Rogers. The very thought of it made me nervous and humbled and so very honored.

Mary Jo Podgurski

Q. When your boyfriend wants to do sexual things and you say no, then they get mad and guilt you into it, is it bad to not want to talk about it with anyone? I think about it a lot and I just want it to go away. I feel sad all the time. – 13-year-old

Mike Buzzelli

I have an elaborate morning ritual. My alarm clock is not near me. It’s on a cabinet 10 feet away from the bed. Every morning, I have to get up and walk across the room to turn it off. The noise from this annoying device screeches like the siren of an ambulance. The kind you hear rolling thr…


Isabela Petronka graduated December 2021 cum laude from Allegheny College. The daughter of Wendy and Chris Petronka of Washington, Isabela graduated from Trinity High School in 2018. During her time, she was president of the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority and captian of the equestrian team. Upon…

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