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Joe Biden, Donald Trump, Mike Pence and I were having lunch at Primanti’s out on Route 60. It was just before Christmas 2022, and everyone had the holiday spirit. But suddenly, Biden turned serious.


As I watch a certain member of my family, who may or may not be a judge, prepare to depart for a morning’s hunt, I am taken back to our childhood days of dressing for cold weather hunts in bluejeans, cotton waffle long underwear, felt pack boots, etc.

Beth Dolinar

My children have never starred in my dreams, probably because they’re always in my waking thoughts. Around the time they left the nest for school, my dreams turned to the worst kind of nightmares: the one where I was hundreds of miles away and couldn’t find my way back to them. I’m glad that…


The Carmichaels Women’s Civic Club will meet on Feb. 2 at 6 p.m. in the Carmichaels Methodist Church Fellowship Hall. All members are encouraged to attend this meeting and to bring a guest. Club members will participate in a mosaic class from the Pittsburgh Glass Center with facilitator DVSS…

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