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Beth Dolinar

Watching “Jeopardy” can make you feel smart, as I infrequently do; or watching “Jeopardy” can make you see the gaping holes in your education, as I always did when watching Amy Schneider play.

Mary Jo Podgurski

Q. My mom was just diagnosed with lupus. It’s just us. My dad left when I was a baby and I don’t know him. My grandparents live across the country. Mom isn’t exactly hiding things from me. She did tell me. But, she’s acting like it’s no big deal. So I looked online and it seems like it is a …


Q. I’m 70, and my friend “Martha” is 72. We live in the same senior apartment complex and have known each other for about nine months. I’ve helped her a lot, taking her to doctor’s appointments, walking her dog after eye surgery, etc. She went to Texas for Christmas with her daughter and son…

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