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Mike Buzzelli

Picture it: Washington, D.C., last Thursday. I stood in front of a crowd of romance writers, some professional authors with multiple book deals, others who were putting pen to paper for the very first time. Standing in front of these people (mostly women of various ethnicities) seemed like a…

Mary Jo Podgurski

Q. This is my final year of college. COVID made some of my experience less than perfect, but I adjusted. I’m not writing about school. I love my campus, I love my professors, I love my major. In a year, I will be qualified to sit for my nursing boards. I will be the nurse I’ve dreamed of bec…


When I was a little kid, our house had a porch on the side and a nice bit of yard next to that with a big tree. My dad built an awesome playhouse for us on stilts beside it with a sandbox below. As we got older, the porch was enclosed and became a family room, and the stilt house was torn do…


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