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Beth Dolinar

For two summers during college, I worked full time at a farm. Except for my writing and television work, that was by far my favorite. It was there, at Simmons Farm in McMurray, that I built my affinity for any work that would put me under all that blue sky.

Mary Jo Podgurski

Q. School is starting. Most years I’m excited. Not this year. All summer I have been best friends with a wonderful person. We met at camp. We go to the same school but hardly ever talked before camp. We’re starting sixth grade. The problem is we are in very different friend groups at school.…


Did you ever feel so confident that you were making the right decision, only to be hugely let down later when it all went south? That’s what I’m going through right now.

Beth Dolinar

Reentry after time away is always tricky. I’m thinking of what the moon astronauts must have felt like hurtling toward the ocean at 6 miles a second in the Command Module, thinking, “Well, that sure was fun, but now it’s back to the real world, ugh.”


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