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Mary Jo Podgurski

Q. When I was a young teacher, you taught a district in-service. I remember you talking about something called holding space. I’m now the parent of a 6-year-old boy. Is he too young for me to teach this concept? I’d like to teach it to him. If he’s old enough, how do I explain it to a child?…

Mike Buzzelli

Spring has sprung. Today, March 20, is the official start date of spring. Please whisper in Mother Nature’s ear and remind her, because she seems to have forgotten. I’m still shivering over here.


There is so much good information to share this week but not directed at any one topic, so I thought I’d throw out a shotgun blast of related tidbits. Many thanks to Chet Krcil of the Washington County Sportsmen’s and Conservation League for sharing a number of items and events that are news…

Beth Dolinar

My new car came with satellite radio, that place with dozens of stations that offer genres of music so specific you never hear anything except what you’re in the mood for – and no commercials, either.


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