Wonsettler Physical Therapy thrives on family.

The Wonsettler family name is well known in Washington. Wonsettler Physical Therapy and Specialized Health sits on Wonsettler Road, and the surname has roots in Washington County dating back to the 1700s.

Wonsettler Physical Therapy and Specialized Health has been in operation since February 2019, and the mission of the business is to create a family atmosphere with patients.

Through a global pandemic, Wonsettler Physical Therapy, the brainchild of Cliff Wonsettler, a former Penn State wrestler whose own health problem led him to pursue the field, has faced the pandemic challenges and continues to grow.

“Any of the therapists can help me, and they do,” said Linda, a recent client.

Linda, 73 years young and retired, has been going to Wonsettler Physical Therapy since the end of July.

“I just dropped in there one day out of curiosity to see if there was anything they could help me with,” she said.

Sure enough, Linda decided to give Wonsettler Physical Therapy a shot after going to another location for 17 years. So far, she isn’t regretting that decision.

“I’ll tell you what; this place is like no other. When they assign you to someone for physical therapy, that therapist stays by your side the entire hour that you have physical therapy with them. If you have any questions on what you’re doing, they explain why they’re giving you the exercise.”

Health-wise, Linda has had to deal with pain in her back which flares up from a procedure done 15 years ago. When she first started working with Wonsettler, Linda’s first step was a one-on-one evaluation. Here, the therapists made a discovery.

“They found out that I had a balance problem,” she said, “and also that old injury was affecting my daily routine.”

The one-on-one work is a significant draw to Wonsettler Physical Therapy. Linda appreciates this, and another client, Ron, has the same feeling.

Ron felt that the one-on-one approach was beneficial to improving his physical attributes, such as balance and his mental health.

“They’re very personable, very caring, and they’re very efficient,” Ron said. “They’ve addressed the overall wellness of my health tremendously.”

Ron has been going to Wonsettler Physical Therapy for about a year. He lives about a quarter of a mile from the building, so commuting is not an issue. At 71, Ron was a coal miner for 15 years — he is now retired. Although the grueling work that comes with that job is done and gone, Ron is still active enough to work on his physical health.

In previous experiences, Ron felt as if he were just a client. Now, he feels like more than that.

“At the other places, the therapist gives you the exercise, and then they walk away,” he said. “They don’t know who you are. The therapists that (I’m working with now), spend 60 minutes of an hour. You have the same therapist every session. They get to know you. You’re like a neighbor to them.”

For Linda, working with Wonsettler Physical Therapy gives her a chance to build relationships and stay flexible so she can live life as comfortably as possible.

“Oh, my goodness — at Wonsettler, when you go out there, nothing is the same. They have given me such a variety of different exercises that I can do that all benefit me and my problem. It’s so personally designed.”

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