With all the cold, snowy weather recently, it’s hard not to think about summer. And if you’re a pool owner, that means enjoying your pool. But it’s not all fun and games. No one wants to wrestle with a pool cover every time they want to use their pool.

At Tri-State Pool Covers, in Donora, they’re offering pool owners in the region the top convenience and safety product available, automatic pool covers.

“There are many reason to consider an automatic pool cover,” Tri-State Pool Covers Owner, Buster Suppo, said. “It saves on energy. Cuts down on cleaning time and costs. Plus, they make it easier to open and close your pool. There’s no additional covers needed. The benefits really outweigh the cost.”

For families with young children, Suppo compared the vinyl, automatic cover to a horizontal fence.

“We like to see a fence outside of the perimeter of the pool in addition to an automatic cover. But what’s nice about an automatic cover is that you can walk on it. So if a child ran onto the cover, they would be safe. It’s a really nice feature for families. People with teenagers like it to because they can control the access to the pool.”

Automatic pool covers can be installed on any new or existing pool. There are many options to protect and hide the mechanisms. When installing an automatic cover on new, inground pools, Suppo said the cover’s track and roller can be hidden below ground.

Aesthetically pleasing, many people are also adding automatic covers to their spas, swim spas or hot tubs.

“It’s becoming a trend,” Suppo said. “There is a motorized roof that raises up on four posts with a roof for hot tubs. We also carry the Conviva — an automatic spa roof.”

Suppo and his wife, Jennifer, also own Del Suppo Pools, a custom pool building company located in Donora. Suppo said that roughly 90% of the new pool builds his company handles also incorporate an automatic pool cover.

“We install roughly 60 units per year, making us the largest automatic cover installer in our market,” Suppo said. We’re leaders in the area in experience, service and response time.”

In addition to installation, Suppo said Tri-State Pool Covers also services new and existing automatic covers. He recommends annual maintenance on automatic covers to ensure they perform at their best.

“We have a crew on the road servicing covers almost every day during the week in the summer,” Suppo said.

“We stock parts at our warehouse, so we can quickly address any problem. We’re a full-service pool company.”

Suppo has been a part of the pool industry since 1985, when his family opened Del Suppo Pools, which was founded in 1977. He founded Tri-State Pool Covers in 2009 after seeing a growing demand in automatic pool covers. Tri-State Pool Covers serves the tri-state area within a 100- mile radius of Pittsburgh. They are committed to providing superior customer service and professional installation of automatic pool and spa covers.

To learn more about Tri-State Pool Covers and the products they offer, visit tristatepoolcovers.com. To learn more about custom-built pools in the region and Del Suppo Pools, visit delsuppopools.com.

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