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Are you considering putting a pool in at home? Perhaps you’re deciding whether the upkeep and maintenance is worth the effort and hassle? While having a pool in your own backyard does require attention and will add to your monthly bills — the pros certain outweigh the cons.

Swimming is one of the best ways to beat the heat on a hot day. This is why many people find it beneficial to add an in-ground pool at home. It’s among the most ideal ways to cool down in the comfort of your own property, especially during the summer. Apart from providing a good leisure activity, having a swimming pool at home has other benefits too.

From midnight dips, memorable family moments to simply creating a fun environment for your loved ones, the benefits of owning a swimming pool are plentiful. Del Suppo Pools, located at 26 McKean Ave. Donora,Pa., is here to bring your “staycation” pool a reality.

Here are some reasons why you should consider a pool this season.

It helps psychological health.

Water has a natural sense of instilling a sense of calm. Regular swimming, even just half an hour at a time, is known to be effective for lowering incidences of depression and anxiety and improving sleep patterns. Swimming releases endorphins, the natural feel good hormones that lead us to experience a greater sense of happiness and wellbeing.

A pool offers great entertainment opportunities.

There’s no denying that friends and family flock to the homes of those who have swimming pools. From backyard BBQs and cocktail hours, to impromptu playdates or sunbathing on a Sunday, if you love to entertain — then get a pool!

The best form of exercise will be right outside your door.

You certainly don’t need to have a gym membership if you have a pool right outside your door. Just a few laps a day can provide you with a full body workout. Pools are fantastic for those who need low-impact workouts — this way they can increase their fitness levels while not straining their bones, joints or muscles.

It can save you some money.

While the cost of cleaning and maintaining a pool certainly makes an impact on your utility bill (unless you join Del Suppo’s annual pool maintenance program), it can also save you money in other areas — i.e. entertaining your kids, “staycations” vs. traveling, gym memberships, etc.

“I’m excited to offer this service program to our customers,” said Buster Suppo, President of Del Suppo Pools. “We have been doing pool service for many years. We find that our customers are a mix of people people who like to travel, who work crazy hours and just want to come home and enjoy their pool. Now we can offer a weekly program and roll in the opening and closing to allow you to do with your pool what you’re intending to do — enjoy it.”

Del Suppo Pools weekly maintenance program includes 20 weeks of pool or spa service/maintenance for $2,800. This service includes:

• Pool Opening and Closing (Auto-cover or Loop Loc)

• Cover Cleaning with Pool Opening (repair additional charge)

• Vacuuming Weekly

• Surface Skimming Weekly

• Emptying strainer/skimmer baskets weekly

• Backwashing DE/Sand filters & cartridge filter cleaning as needed

• 10% off of Chemicals/Parts/Equipments in-store or delivered on a day of service (Some exclusions may apply)

• Preventive maintenance inspections every week to keep your equipment up and running as it should to help avoid mid-season “meltdowns”

• Onsite water testing to keep your water crystal clear. We will make sure your water is properly balanced and effectively being sanitized. Chemicals are added as needed.

• Weekly report included

• CPO & EPA Pesticide Applicator Category 24 (swimming pool) Certified Technicians

“My crew and I are trained in water treatment, electrical repair and troubleshooting,” said Suppo. “We attend several industry sponsored training sessions each year. We are EPA certified for heat pump repair. So we will not just vacuum your pool but help to maintain it and keep it running well for many years to come.”

“There are also many options to remodel or update existing pools,” said Suppo. So, if you’re buying a house with a pool, make that pool yours. Change the liner; add a sundeck; add a slide; if you have a young family consider an Automatic Cover; worried about energy costs call us we can change out the pump for an energy efficient variable speed pump.”

It adds to the value of your home.

A swimming pool isn’t simply a decoration at home. It’s no secret that a property’s value will increase significantly with the addition of a swimming pool. If you intend on eventually selling your home for a hefty profit, then a built-in pool is a way to go. Be aware, however, that the value also depends on the type of pool you want to install, so it’s best to seek advice from an estate agent before you start digging your yard up — however, Del Suppo Pools, and their years of experience, are here to help guide you through what options are best for you.

“We build a lot of pools every year because people want them,” said Suppo. “When people who have previously owned a pool move into a new home, I’m the first guy they call after the mover or break ground on their new property.”

At Del Suppo Pools, and their sister company Tri State Pool Covers, you can design the inground swimming pools of your dreams and their experienced, well- trained staff will build it by using the highest quality materials on the market today. With the imagineering system, Del Suppo Pools can build your swimming pool in any size, shape, or depth that you desire. They also offer a wide variety of options including lighting, fountains, automatic safety covers, and liners to suit your needs and personality.

“Our customers return to us because they appreciate that we work hard to satisfy them,” said Suppo. “We do our best to resolve problems and give our customers good service and value for their money. We have had lots of odd things over the years ‘like frog ponds that became a prince of a pool.’ We always do our best to give the customers what they want.”

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