Originally known as Neuropathy Treatment Centers of PGH, Tri-State Neuropathy Centers was established in 2013 by Dr. Shawn Richey and served patients only from their Wexford office until 2015 when expansions began. There are now five locations with three of those located in Pennsylvania (Monroeville, Washington, and Wexford), one in Poland, Ohio, and one in Weirton, West Virginia.

Approximately 30 million Americans suffer from peripheral neuropathy and its debilitating symptoms of painful cramping, burning and tingling, numbness in the feet, legs and/or hands, difficulty walking and even interruption of sleep. Tri-State Neuropathy’s program has had a phenomenal satisfaction rate and has seen thousands of patients suffering with peripheral neuropathy who have tried everything including potentially harmful medications and other painful testing and treatments. This can leave patients still struggling and wandering down the long road of endless disappointment.

With Tri-State Neuropathy Center’s innovative treatments, patients now have hope and can have the pain associated with peripheral neuropathy addressed. “We have treated over 8,000 patients with a 90% satisfaction rate, and we are confident that we can help improve most anyone’s life who has been affected by this devastating disease,” said Dr. Shawn Richey, CEO, Tri-State Neuropathy Centers.

“Tri-State Neuropathy Centers are 100% focused on helping people obtain relief from neuropathy,” said Dr. Richey. “Our proven treatment protocol is a PAINLESS, NON-INVASIVE AND DRUG-FREE therapy that utilizes advanced technology to reverse the horrible symptoms of peripheral neuropathy. It was once thought that there was no hope for neuropathy sufferers, and now there is.”

Paula Connelly sought help in 2020 when her foot became numb after surgery. “I was getting very depressed as my foot was numb on the side of the incision and it was affecting my life. I decided to meet with Tri State Neuropathy Centers for a free consultation. I have completed the program I am pain free and 90 percent better. I am 68 and a Grammy of 6 grandchildren. The treatment has helped me walk without a cane and be more active with my active family as my balance has improved tremendously.”

Janine Caddy’s pain was progressing to the point where she couldn’t walk. “It seems like it became noticeable about 20 years ago. At first my feet would ache from time to time, then my feet would ache so bad that I had to limit my time standing or walking. I could no longer go hiking with my husband or just take a walk. I knew it was just a matter of time before I would need a wheelchair. I heard about Tri-State Neuropathy Centers and went for my free consultation to see if I was a candidate. To date, I see a significant improvement. I can take short walks, cook and I have even been gardening. It feels like a miracle.”

Frank Smitt’s foot condition preventing him from enjoying his usual activities. “Ten years ago I hurt my foot and it continued to get worse over the years. It got to the point that my feet were so sore and cold all the time. Outdoor activities are very important to me and I was losing the ability to do them. I felt there was no hope. A friend of mine learned of Tri State Neuropathy Centers and I made an appointment. The results have been unbelievable. I have no more pain and my feet are no longer cold. My range of motion is so much better, and my balance is back. I am now enjoying all the outdoor activities I use to and am nearly 100% better.”

If you are suffering with peripheral neuropathy, you may want to consult Tri-State Neuropathy Centers for a free evaluation. “We offer the first initial consultation, examination and first treatment for FREE. We qualify patients to make sure they are candidates for our treatments, and of the over 8,000 patients we have qualified, we have an outstanding success rate,” said Dr. Richey.

Patients can call 724-940-9000 to schedule an initial, no-cost consultation to determine if they qualify for the Tri-State Neuropathy Centers’ treatment program. Additionally, a free confidential online survey is available for patients on the Tri-State Neuropathy website (www.marydancedin.com). Each survey is reviewed by a doctor.

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