The change of seasons provide a terrific opportunity for seniors to engage in an active lifestyle and benefit from socializing with friends and family.

It seems like aging and senior adults are more determined than ever to thrive, including those residents at The Waters Senior Living communities in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.

The Waters is the owner, operator and developer of more than 12 communities, with 1,600+apartment homes in operation, and a 13th community under construction in Wisconsin.

“Coming off a couple years of the nationwide pandemic, life has not only returned to normal, but the idea of active life has become even more important to the health and wellbeing of seniors. The idea of getting out and becoming active has a whole new meaning, said Lisa C. Bien-Sinz, Vice-President of Marketing, The Waters.

Christina Szewczyk, Active Life Manager, The Waters, said each new resident is welcomed by a Waters ambassador. The ambassador program, developed by The Waters, invites current residents to volunteer to meet and greet new residents, ensuring that they feel welcomed and get introduced to their new community, as they settle in to their new home.

“When someone first moves in, they are assigned an ambassador,” she said. “I connect an ambassador with the new resident according to their shared interests. We want our residents to feel welcome and to thrive in the community.”

Szewczyk said a new resident luncheon is held monthly and involves connecting new residents to our Waters community leaders, management and all of our ambassadors.

“The monthly luncheon is a terrific time to check in, chat, and become further acquainted, all while enjoying a delicious culinary meal,” she said.

Bien-Sinz said The Waters has developed several “Signature Programs” designed to help ensure the best onboarding and engagement of residents. “SPLASH” is one of these Signature Programs.

“Our goal is for every resident’s first “splash” into The Waters to be a joyful experience where they feel warmly welcomed, giving them a sense of belonging that helps them feel right at home,” she said.

THRIVING Connections is another Signature program that shows that connections go beyond “activities” and emphasizes the importance of integrating hospitality with wellbeing in every dimension—Health, Relationships, Security, Purpose, Community and Environment.

“We want our residents and our Team Members to thrive,” Bien-Sinz said. “We want to see you. We will listen to your specific passions, interests, and talents. For our residents, we will then tailor activities to those interests and passions to help them thrive as they live and make their home in the community. Each of our Memory Care residents has a customized activity plan. We want to be about engagement at a higher level that really ignites their hearts, finds them socially connected, and being purposeful because of those activities. Our residents have a voice in shaping the community in which they live, because at the end of the day it is their lifestyle and their home.”

Nancy, a Waters resident, said she was happy she chose to make the Waters her home.

“I never thought I could enjoy Senior Living this much, always something to do,” she said.

Szewczyk said residents at the Waters have a wide variety of activities to participate in, starting the day with exercises. “We have a number of exercise classes held in our wellbeing studio, including yoga, drumming, Rise ‘n Thrive”, to name a few. Equally important is socializing! We host a happy hour every Thursday where residents can enjoy live entertainment, food and beverage. Other activities range from Bible studies to book club to playing poker! What matters is what brings our residents a sense of joy and fulfillment.”

Ruth, a Waters resident, praised the activities planned for residents.

“The activities director is very creative in planning a large variety of interesting events and hands-on activities to provide for our entertainment and alertness,” she said.

Judy, another Waters resident, concurred. “We have something to look forward to everyday,” she said.

Szewczyk said giving back is important to Waters residents, and they do so through their Gratitude group.

“We have delivered meals to our first responders, along with resident crafted gifts during National First Responder Week,” she said. “Our gratitude group raised $400 for the Alzheimer’s Association for their Longest Day fundraiser, and we recently designed buttons for the Epilepsy Foundation. This group is dedicated to acts of kindness, big and small.”

Szewczyk said working at the Waters, and meeting its residents is a special experience.

“I have been in this field for many years and The Waters is unlike any other senior living facility,” she said. “They give me the freedom to create a program according to our resident’s preferences. I take great pride in delivering a wellrounded calendar of events and activities each month. Our residents are a wonderful group of people, laughing every day and living life to the fullest, thriving. They truly care for one another, they welcome our new residents with open arms, and are one big family.”

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