Over the last eight months, 28 animals have found their forever homes with the help of Best Buds, an adoptable pet of the week program that publicizes available dogs, cats and rabbits in the region.

In an effort to do more, The Healing Center partnered in February with Animal Friends, located in Pittsburgh, and The Almanac to draw attention to animals in the region in need of a loving home.

“We laugh when we say ‘Best Buds’ because of the marijuana connotation. The reality is they are always ‘Best Buds’ when given the opportunity. We love our animals at The Healing Center, both adopted and unadopted,” Chris Kohan, co-founder of The Healing Center, said.

Each year, the nonprofit rescues and rehomes roughly 2,500 animals. Since the pandemic began, they’ve had to alter their adoption process. Exposure, especially from corporate partners like The Healing Center, has helped to create vital awareness about the shelter and their services.

More importantly, cats like Buffy can have a second chance at love. This adoptable cat has an adorable deformity, but it does not impact her day-to-day life at all.

“Through this partnership, we have been able to extend our mission of creating lifelong matches, and with the help of our friends at The Healing Center, shine a positive light on pet adoption and the amazing animal companions who are waiting at shelters and organization like Animal Friends,” Cody Hoellerman, Animal Friends’ chief community engagement officer, said.

Best Buds will continue to be featured on The Almanac’s website, newspaper, and Facebook page with the hopes of many more happy matches.

“Nothing gives us more joy than witnessing all of these amazing animals get matched with a home that will spoil them forever. We are extremely proud to partner with great organizations like Animal Friends and The Healing Center to promote adoptable animals to our caring readers across the South Hills,” Chris Slota, the advertising manager of The Almanac, said.

“Meet Buffy! She is a polydactyl cat which means she has a couple of extra toes on her feet, but that just makes her that much cuter. Buffy was first surrendered to Animal Friends after her owner learned she was diagnosed with diabetes, and sadly could not afford the special care she needed. Although Buffy is diabetic, this hasn’t stopped her from living a completely normal life. Buffy spends most of her days lounging around looking for love and affection. If you or someone you know is looking for a new feline friend and are willing to help her manage her special medical needs, help us give this sweet girl the home she deserves!”

To learn more about Buffy and other Best Buds, visit thealmanac.net/bestbuds. To learn more about Animal Friends, their services and their current adoptable companions, visit thinkingoutsidethecage.org.

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