Specialized activities require specialized care. When looking for a physical therapist who fits your needs, you need someone trained to treat your specialty.

An on-the-move athlete needs to recover as quickly and safely as possible with outcomes that preserve and restore their prior fitness. Physical therapists who treat orthopedic and sports-related injuries exclusively can offer you something others can't. Sports physical therapy employs targeted exercises and therapeutic modalities to achieve precise goals.

Not all physical therapists are the same

To obtain efficient, reliable care, it is important to evaluate a physical therapist’s credentials, background, education and training. Do their goals match your goals and pursuits? When shopping for a physical therapist to meet your needs, consider matching your strengths with their strengths.

Not sure how to know if a potential physical therapist is a good fit? Schedule a meeting with them.

“I will sit with you and talk about your goals and treatment options. If I don’t feel I’m the right guy for you I have no problem helping you find the right person,” says Dr. Nathan Romesburg, DPT, of Romesburg Physical Therapy & Sports Fitness. His passion for helping people get the most out of their efforts is what prompted him to build his business. “I’ve worked in a lot of different areas and I wanted to start my own practice to focus on what I really love, outpatient sports and orthopedics. Returning people to full function really excites me.”

What certifications does one physical therapist hold over another? If you are actively involved in sports or athletics — from golf, to running, or skiing — a physical therapist certified to treat injuries related to those activities gives you relevant treatment and quicker results.

Why choose a specialized physical therapist?

Physical therapists who possess certifications for designated treatment areas and injuries can offer patients movement screening tools and modalities which apply to certain categories of athletic injuries.

An example of this type of specialized treatment is Romesburg Physical Therapy & Sports Fitness. Dr. Nathan Romesburg's Titleist Performance Institute Certification for golf fitness and golf injury rehabilitation endows him with skills to treat a specific athletic niche. His TPI certification trained him to easily identify any physical restrictions that can limit a player’s swing and the techniques to improve these limitations.

“I love the team approach, I work with a few really sharp local professionals who are great at diagnosing swing flaws. Then I work on the fitness component to make sure the player’s body is ready to make an efficient golf swing.”

Understanding the biomechanics of a certain sport enables your physical therapist to prepare and preserve your body for competition through sports-specific exercise programs and rehabilitation.

A physical therapist’s expertise in your area of interest will increase your player performance, pure and simple.

What to expect — and demand

When it comes to taking care of your body, don’t settle for anything less than the best, concentrated care you can get. Up front, your physical therapist should be prepared to offer you an in-depth fitness evaluation to screen for physical deficits that can result in poor sports mechanics or injuries.

Choose a physical therapist who won’t shy away from working with you and your coach if you have one. Having both in your corner will help optimize your physical capability and improve your game.

What does specialized treatment entail? Treatment sessions that get the job done include manual therapy to normalize tissue, alleviate pain and restore function, followed by therapeutic exercise.

In-office exercises and exercises you can do on your own help you to retrain your body to move in correct patterns while also working to stretch and strengthen your muscles and movements.

Worried about whether you’re being a good student and optimizing those practices to make your body perfect again? Make sure you have a good teacher.

“All my clients see me every visit for an hour, I supervise each exercise to ensure proper form, and each patient receives hands on treatment,” assures Dr. Romesburg.

One-on-one, sports-specific assessments

Sports-specific assessments evaluate an athlete’s flexibility and range-of-motion, strength, gait and other sports-specific biomechanical needs. This data is paramount for the powerful performance, precision and protection you need as an athlete.

Before booking an appointment, ensure that the physical therapist you have selected is prepared to offer you these tools.

When it is time for expert care, consider Romesburg Physical Therapy & Sports Fitness, where the focus is to get better faster so you can return to the independent, active lifestyle you desire.

This article is sponsored by Romesburg Physical Therapy & Sports Fitness.


Krista Sidwell is a graduate of Brigham Young University and holds a Masters degree in technical writing from Utah State University. She lives in Colorado and is a writer, photographer, marathoner, and mother of 3.