Fire can’t stop some brave volunteers in Jefferson Township. The members of the Jefferson Township Volunteer Fire Department spend their time — and a lot of energy — helping to serve the members of the community. And thanks to the generous donations of others, namely Range Resources, the department continues to provide community members — and their pets — with invaluable service.

“We provide protection and medical service 24 hours a day,” said Paulette Mermon, president of the Jefferson Township Volunteer Fire Department. “We even handle things like downed trees and rescuing cats or other animals.”

To help fund their mission, the volunteer fire department holds some large fundraisers every year.

“We have two mills for fire protection, a gun bash once a year and we try to get grants where we can,” Mermon said. “But our main thing every year is Christmas in the Village.”

If you haven’t experienced Christmas in the Village, which took place early last month, it’s time to put it on your calendar for 2018. The three-day event, which is headquartered at the Jefferson Township Fire Hall each November, features more than 50 crafters in various locations around the quaint, festive town. Along with artisan arts and crafts, festival attendees also enjoy horse and carriage rides, a children’s tend with craft projects for the young ones, a “Light-Up Night” service at the Eldersville Methodist Church, a festive breakfast with Santa and the much-anticipated Christmas in the Village Parade, which always features dancers, floats and, of course, Santa Claus.

The best part of the event is the heart behind it.

“The Christmas in the Village money goes to buy equipment for our fire department in order to support all the residents in our community,” Mermon said.

To help boost those funds, the Jefferson Township VFD gets some impressive support from a local corporation with a penchant for supporting its community.

Range Resources has donated money in the past for our three-day festival,” Mermon said. “This year, they called again to give us money, and I was totally surprised. The money for the three days helps buy the food for the events and the food and treats for Breakfast with Santa.”

That food goes a long way to bring the visitors in.

“We have a wonderful group of firemen and ladies auxiliary that work really hard for the fire department, and we spend long hours but it is really rewarding to see all of the visitors wait in line for our homemade french fries, hot turkey sandwiches, soups and funnel cakes,” Mermon said.

Christina Kramer is one of the employees at Range Resources who helps to organize community outreach. 

“Working with the community and supporting first responders here in Washington County is so important to Range,” said Kramer.  “Sponsoring Christmas in the Village allows us to engage with so many people from across our operating area, all while generating funds for the critical services that the Jefferson Township Volunteer Fire Department provides to this community.”

Additionally, Mermon credits Range for the roof over the VFD’s head — literally.

“Along with donating some of the money toward our Gator that we use to fight grass fires and plow snow, Range also paid to replace our badly needed roof on our fire department,” she said.

With that kind of support, the firemen and women of Jefferson Township VFD can continue doing what they do best: protecting the community.

“Range is just a really great sponsor to our community and our township,” Mermon said.

The article is sponsored by Range Resources.

A journalism graduate from Brigham Young University, Kristen Price has experience writing in a variety of fields, including art and culture, health and fitness and financial and real estate services. Kristen has written for USA Today, SFGate and the Knot.