Built on the grounds of the famed Whiskey Rebellion, Providence Point offers seniors an engaging environment and the opportunity to build a legacy of their own.

His name graces the 10-dollar bill and the hottest playbill on Broadway. Now, the nation’s first secretary of the Treasury is contributing to another legacy: becoming the new address for seniors planning to enjoy life to the fullest.

Providence Point’s Hamilton Tower, named for Alexander Hamilton, will join the Adams Tower and Madison Tower in providing luxurious accommodations and five-star health care for the residents of Providence Point.

These names are not of little significance. Providence Point, which has now been open for eight years, includes an expansive, 32-acre campus on the site where the Battle of Bower Hill — a major conflict of the Whiskey Rebellion — took place in 1794.

“To honor and preserve the history of the Whiskey Rebellion, Providence Point has named many of its spaces, meeting places and streets after individuals involved in the conflict,” said Marilyn Walsh, director of marketing and public relations at Baptist Homes Society. “As the secretary of the Treasury at the time, Alexander Hamilton played a major role in the Whiskey Rebellion. It was a tumultuous time, as people, dedicated to freedom, their newly formed government and their land, fought and gave their lives in the conflict.”

While the names hark back to significant historical events, Hamilton Tower and the Providence Point campus feature distinctly modern accommodations and state-of-the-art amenities and facilities.

“Nowhere else in the Pittsburgh region will you find the amenities and services that are at your fingertips when you live at Providence Point,” Walsh said. “Hamilton Tower will feature six open, flexible floor plans with large windows and walk-in closets. The units also offer large master baths with walk-in showers; underground, indoor parking, and indoor access to amenities such as the pool and fitness center, all four dining venues, beauty salon, bank, library and more.”

The opening of the Hamilton Tower is timely, as the demand for quality retirement living in the Pittsburgh area continues to grow. According to the Census Reporter, 19 percent of residents of the Pittsburgh metro area are 65 or older, which is about 25 percent higher than the national rate.

For this reason, Providence Point offers much more than luxurious apartment living.

“What truly sets Providence Point apart is our LifeCare agreement,” explained Walsh. “Similar in some ways to a long-term care insurance policy, LifeCare provides residents not only with extraordinary independent living residences but also guarantees lifetime access to long-term health services in a five-star rated health care center.”

These health services include personal care, memory support and skilled nursing care, allowing residents to continue living in private accommodations.

And those accommodations provide a legacy in themselves. Drawing from the rich surrounding history, residents will find beautiful reminders of the bravery and dedication that built this nation.

“One resident created a brochure to detail the history of the Whiskey Rebellion; another donated a painting of Washington crossing the Delaware that now sits above the fireplace in the Washington Room — the community’s formal dining venue,” Walsh said. “The residents participated in the groundbreaking for the nondenominational chapel on Flag Day, incorporating the flag’s symbolism into the ceremony.”

For anyone looking to celebrate a historical legacy, the Hamilton Tower at Providence Point is the perfect way to do just that. Already rich in history, the accommodations, amenities and staff will help you celebrate — and continue to build — your own.

This article is sponsored by Providence Point.

A journalism graduate from Brigham Young University, Kristen Price has experience writing in a variety of fields, including art and culture, health and fitness and financial and real estate services. Kristen has written for USA Today, SFGate and the Knot.