The average person visits 38 websites searching for the best hotel, in the best location, with the best room and of course at the best price.

This means that despite a prime location, great customer service and awesome reviews outdated hotels won’t be selected by travelers. This outlook is what inspired Hilton Garden Inn Pittsburgh/Southpointe, which opened in 2001, to begin their 5 million dollar renovations in 2016. The renovations were completed in three phases and were finalized as of September 2019.

“We couldn’t be happier to celebrate this milestone with the completion of a major renovation of the hotel,” said Marcus Piatt, President of Millcraft Hotel Division. “Some of the notable changes you’ll see are bright, modernized guestrooms, a renovated pool and fitness center, and a completely upgraded ballroom and event spaces.”

Phase one consisted of a facelift of Jacksons Restaurant + Bar, the modern American restaurant located adjacent to the hotel, and was finished in 2016. The mindset behind this renovation was to provide guests with an opportunity to drink and dine without having to leave the comfort of Hilton Garden Inn Pittsburgh/Southpointe.

Phase two was the reconstruction and upgrades to the 175 total guest rooms within Hilton Garden Inn Pittsburgh/Southpointe. This included better amenities, including but not limited to, new furnishings, upgraded handicap capabilities and modern decor.

Phase three, which was just completed, included the ballroom, meeting spaces, pool, fitness center, lobby and front desk, breakfast area and restrooms. This allows for guests that are staying and using the features of the hotel to feel more comfortable and provide an overall more enjoyable experience.

In addition, this phase was focused on how Hilton Garden Inn Pittsburgh/Southpointe could improve its venue in order to enhance the experience of their event-goers.

“With the amount of social events that we do at our facility—specifically weddings—it is important to have an atmosphere that is ahead of the curve,” said Piatt. “When it comes to selecting a wedding venue, couples are very sensitive to design trends. This is how for nearly 20 years we have been a leader in Pittsburgh in the volume of weddings done in our ballroom. The rooms also fit the look and feel of our public space, having a modern and sleek look to them, yet are comfortable enough to appeal to the everyday traveler.”

One exciting change made at Hilton Garden Inn Pittsburgh/Southpointe, was the renovation of the “green room.” The general concept of this redesign was to take the “everyday, run-of-the-mill meeting room” and transform it into a venue geared toward social events and more intimate gatherings.

The Washington County Tourism Promotion Agency proposed a “naming rights” sponsorship for the grand ballroom; however, Hilton Garden Inn Pittsburgh/ Southpointe wanted to also be able to give back to the local community with the sponsorship dollars rather than invest them into the hotel.

“We were working with the Washington County Tourism Promotion Agency on a possible ‘naming rights’ sponsorship for the room as the grand ballroom is the largest event space in Washington County and ability for the tourism agency to use it for their promotional efforts would be greatly expanded,” said Jeff Kotula, President of Washington County Chamber of Commerce. “However, during our discussions, Mr. Jack Piatt was adamant that the monies the tourism agency would have allocated for any ‘naming rights’ would be better used directed to scholarships for Washington County students and their future education. It is an innovative and generous way for Millcraft and the tourism agency to work together to promote the county and its future leaders.”

As Millcraft’s hotel portfolio expands, so does its capabilities in the hospitality industry. The hotel division includes internal departments that cover hotel development and operation from start to finish, from interior design to revenue management. The company’s portfolio includes six Pittsburgh area hotels with three in the pipeline. In addition, they encourage the local community to visit and see the renovations by visiting or by calling 724-743-5000.

“Hilton Garden Inn Pittsburgh/ Southpointe is our flagship property that represents both where we started and where we’re going,” said Piatt. “We use this location as the benchmark when it comes to our high guest service and standards, and look forward to many more years at being the leader in this market.”

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