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Has the state of the world made you feel worried? Because of everything going on, do you feel like your life is out of control? Between health, financial, political and environmental crises all happening simultaneously, knowing which way to turn, what to believe and what to do is getting harder and harder every day.

“If you’re like me, the world feels out of control right now,” says Chris Flickinger, Performance Mindset and Development Coach. He continues, “the goal is to understand how we can gain more control when things seem completely uncontrollable.”

Through his experience working with leaders of the largest organizations in the area, Chris has seen how science and psychology can help people learn what they can control in their lives, and how to take advantage of that to feel more in charge of what the future has to hold.

“The insights Chris provides on how to gain control over your life are extremely valuable for those of us who are focused on staying healthy and having a plan in place so we can continue to live independently in the homes we love, despite whatever health-related curve balls may come our way,” states Joan Krueger, Executive Director of Envisage, a unique long-term care planning solution and host of an upcoming webinar featuring Flickinger.

Flickinger goes on to say, “Distraction from what’s going on in the world - which is a technique a lot of people try to use when searching for control - isn’t going to work in this situation because this isn’t a short-term engagement. Others may try positive thinking to feel more in control, but in this situation, there are so many negatives that might not work either.”

While those two techniques may not work for what’s going on right now, Flickinger reminds us that everyone has more control over what’s going on in their life than they may realize.

In order to kick-start these realizations when things feel overwhelming, he recommends beginning by recognizing the things you can control, like if your eyes are open or closed. Then, move on to your immediate environment, like becoming aware that you have control over whether you watch television or read a magazine. After you understand what you can control in those two aspects of your world, he suggests you move on to your interpersonal relationships and realize you have control over whom you choose to talk to and interact with, and what you choose to talk about.

Flickinger finishes by stating, “When you start to go over the seemingly small things you can control in each of these steps, somewhere in your mind a lightbulb goes off and reminds you that even if you’re sure that the world around you is out of control, there are still a lot of things in your world that you can control.”

If you are interested in hearing more from Chris Flickinger, please join him - along with the Envisage team - on Wednesday, August 12th at 11:00 a.m. for a FREE webinar where he will discuss How to Maintain Control in an Uncontrollable World. Flickinger will review techniques based in science and psychology that work for helping you regain control over your life and answering any questions you may have.

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This webinar is sponsored by Envisage and your leaders in aging services, Presbyterian SeniorCare Network and Lutheran SeniorLife. Envisage is a long-term planning solution for adults age 60+ that works by helping you to anticipate your future care needs and plan for them now.

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