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While it may be tempting to conduct business with multiple banks in an attempt to take advantage of the lowest rate in a promotional offer, there’s something to building a strong a relationship with one bank.

At Community Bank, we understand the importance of strong, lasting relationships and the benefits those relationships can offer our clients.

“Having a total relationship with your financial institution builds an authentic relationship based on credibility and trust. When we know our clients and they know us well, it’s the difference between hearing and listening,” Kelly Fisher, vice president, regional manager at Community Bank, said.

Whether you’re looking for business or personal banking products and services, Community Bank aims to be your one-stop shop.

“We want to provide our clients with convenience, and when you have all of your banking products at one place, with online banking, you can essentially do a month’s worth of banking without even visiting a branch,” Fisher said. “We want to save you time and offer your peace of mind.”

Additional benefits that can arise from working with one bank as opposed to many include reduced loan rates, reduced fees and easy record keeping.

“When you bank at one bank, you’re giving the bank the opportunity to understand your business and be able to anticipate your needs,” Fisher said. “When we know your financial habits, we’re able to supply you with convenient and comprehensive solutions.”

Strong relationships also come with better communication, loyalty and a faster turnaround time with processes.

“It’s all about convenience and efficiency,” Fisher said.

Community Bank is a client and community-focused bank that provides most of the same products and services that larger banks offer.

“Our goal is to give our clients as many tools as we can, while still providing a high level of customer service,” Fisher said. “Whether you’re an individual or a business, we want to be your partner in your financial journey.”

For more than 119 years, Community Bank has been personally involved in the communities they serve. With branches in Allegheny, Greene, Fayette and Washington counties, as well as Ohio and West Virginia, they strive to meet their clients’ needs.

“We take great satisfaction and pride in helping our clients grow and reach their financial goals,” Fisher said. “We are here for our clients in good times and in bad times. We love hearing success stories and knowing that we were a part of them.”

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