Your kitchen is that unique part of your home that is at its best when it is both aesthetically pleasing and easy to work in. If you haven’t shopped for kitchen cabinets in the past few years, you may be pleasantly surprised at what has changed.

The functional side of kitchen design is so important to achieving the experience you want while working and entertaining in your kitchen. Ease of access, smooth operation and maximizing storage have all benefited from new hardware and technology. Manufacturers like Blum and Rev-a-Shelf offer a broad array of storage hardware that can make those hard to reach areas much more accessible. Roll out shelves, pull out trash cans, and door storage are just a few options. Even the simple function of doors and drawers has been enhanced with “softclose” and even automatic operating hardware. Adding these to your existing cabinets can range from quick and easy to more involved modifications. Some of these upgrades may only be feasible if the cabinet was designed to accept it.

Some changes to function can only be achieved with a complete re-design of your kitchen. The proximity of refrigerator, sink, and stove, known as the work triangle, are very important to a functional design. Once you have embraced the idea of a complete update, you can now embrace all of the aesthetic form options that abound. Cabinets with modern clean lines and open access plus many finish and material choices will offer you new style options that may not have existed when your current kitchen was installed. Sound overwhelming? With the proper help, updating your kitchen can be an enjoyable process that will provide you with a beautiful space designed the way you want it. The key is finding an experienced designer that you like working with.

Don’t think in terms of replacing the cabinets you have today with just a new look. Part of the designer’s job is to get you to think outside the box to consider different layouts that may be more effective. They should also help you with product selection, reviewing all the features and benefits while considering your wish list and budget. Today’s cabinets come in a wide array of finishes and materials, traditional to contemporary, and configured to take advantage of modern storage accessories. Keep in mind that a full kitchen update takes longer than most people expect, so summer is the perfect time to get started so that you can enjoy it for the fall holidays.

Whether you are thinking about a simple accessory addition, or you are considering a complete kitchen update, working with an experienced professional is critical to your project. Fortunately we have such a resource right in our back yard that has probably already helped your neighbors. “At Brookside Lumber we have 4 full-time designers on staff and five cabinet brands,”states David Jones, President. “For over 30 years we have been helping South Hills residents turn their vision into beautiful, functional kitchens.” Appointments with a designer can be made on our website at or by calling 412-835-7610.

Looking for a little more motivation? To make your project even more affordable Brookside Lumber has special pricing all summer, Memorial Day to Labor Day, on most cabinet brands and counter tops. Now is the time to get your kitchen’s form and function the way you want it, make your appointment today!

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