Washington Financial

Washington Financial Bank corporate headquarters

For almost 120 years, Washington Financial Bank has been part of the fabric of this community. Today, with assets of more than $1 billion, Washington Financial proudly remains a mutual organization, committed solely to serving its customers and investing in its communities. Throughout its 10-branch network of state-of-the-art facilities, the bank offers a complete array of both retail and business banking solutions – all while employing the highest level of information security and technology recognized in the industry.

“While much of our industry continues to close offices and send customers to a virtual environment, we are expanding our physical presence and enhancing the in-person experience,” said President and CEO Brian J. Smith. “As we do this, however, we continue to enhance our technologies to ensure a first class virtual experience as well.”

Washington Financial Bank remains the largest locally owned and managed financial institution headquartered in Washington County. The bank continues to experience solid growth while maintaining capital ratios that exceed all regulatory requirements by significant margins.

“We believe the key to our success is our steadfast commitment to building and maintaining relationships,” said Smith. “We are very proud of our commitment and ability to create value for our customers.”

While Washington Financial expands its footprint, the bank prides itself on providing industry-leading products and services. It’s most popular retail checking suite, Kasasa, offers cash rewards and reimbursement for ATM fees. Customers continue to enjoy the convenience of having their debit cards issued instantly at any branch and the freedom to personalize their cards with a custom photo.

The bank continues to expand its commercial banking solutions, ensuring that the ever-changing needs of its small business and commercial clients are met. With recent enhancements to its corporate credit card product, business customers can now self-service their credit card accounts online, simplifying individual cardholder account management. These customers also have the ability to: access statements and account activity online; make online payments; freeze lost or stolen cards; and adjust individual cardholder limits. They can also add or remove cardholders, request replacement cards, and establish alerts. Washington Financial’s online site is optimized to provide access from any smartphone or tablet device, providing customers with greater convenience, allowing them to focus on what truly matters most, their businesses.

At Washington Financial Bank, increased online accessibility does not translate into fewer interactions between employees and customers. “The bank’s consistent commitment to customer care is what makes Washington Financial unique in this day and age,” said Smith. “We continually search for ways to improve the customer experience, utilizing survey feedback and client commentary to provide an array of products and services that meet customer needs.”

Washington Financial Bank also offers a range of alternative investment options through its Wealth Management Division. With expansions among the advisory staff and product offerings, Washington Financial is well equipped to meet the continually changing needs of its wealth clients.

Headquartered locally in Southwestern Pennsylvania, Washington Financial Bank has a unique opportunity to make direct, meaningful impact in the communities. As a mutual organization, the bank reinvests its profits into employees, technologies and communities. Through the charitable programs of both the Bank and The Washington Financial Charitable Foundation, nearly $10 million has been reinvested into the communities since the inception of the bank’s program of giving.

“As we look to the future, we do so with renewed optimism and gratitude for the trust our customers have placed in us,” said Smith. “We pledge to continue to earn that trust every day.”