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Amcom can help you maintain budgets within your business.

Look around your office, what technology do you see?  In addition to the laptops and workstations you may see printers, copiers, scanners, and of course….that fax machine that may still be clunking away.  Do you have a budget for this technology?  In many cases the costs associated with these systems is lumped into “office expense.”  You have a variety of cost centers that could be managed more effectively.

If technology is simply upgraded or replaced when exhausted you may be working with a system that is lacking in efficiency, costing you more than it should.  In addition, you may have needs that you have not considered.  What projects need to be addressed?  Are there business processes and workflows that could be more effective?  Are you managing your digital and paper documents efficiently?

Amcom has been solving problems like these since 1978.  Amcom is part of Global Imaging Systems, a wholly owned subsidiary of Xerox Corporation.  We have provided solutions for Washington County organizations like Peters Township School and Chartiers Houston School Districts, the Observer Reporter, Washington Financial Bank, Valley Tire and Mon Valley Hospital.  Regional clients like Robert Morris University and the Pittsburgh Pirates have found our solutions to literally be game changers.  National accounts, with ties to the region, like 84 Lumber have services and solutions from Amcom that are returning dollars to their operating budget.

Since we are a Xerox company the assumption is that all of these problems are solved with the latest in MFP Technology right?  Well, some times that is the case.  The latest Connect Key technology from Xerox provides solutions that are far more than copy, print, scan, and fax.  Some of these systems allow users to print from that mobile device that is in their pocket.  Oh, and all you have to do is tap the MFP with your phone to make the connection.  You need to get that document that you just received in the mail to your cloud storage?  Why not just walk up to the new Xerox unit and send it directly, you don’t need your computer for that.  And if you need an MFP solution that will streamline processes in your law firm or dental office, chances are you can browse the App Gallery on the MFP and “find an app for that.”

The latest Xerox technology provides a wide set of systems that can provide incredible capabilities, ranging from the desktop to the print center.  The greatest value that Amcom has been providing for our clients over the years has been in Service and Support.  Our team provides world class support from our headquarters outside Coraopolis.  Logistics, warehouse, sales, administration, technical support and field service are all located right here in Western PA.  Our staff of over 130 teammates can provide answers and support sometimes within minutes.  Imagine having an Amcom Analyst remote in to your workstation or MFP to make configuration changes or provide training on your system.  Watch us push the buttons for you!  If you require a Technician on site, our team will be there within hours, dispatched automatically from the field.

If you manage a fleet across multiple locations, Amcom can provide a customer Portal that gives the viewer dynamic, real time reporting of their technology.  With this Portal you can place a service call, request supplies or monitor a call in progress.  In addition, we can ship supplies when needed automatically, without the need to call or email our team.  Meter collection is also an automated process, saving our clients time.

Amcom may be a Xerox company, but our services are not limited to Xerox only technology.  Many of the clients referenced have fleets of HP printers that they trust Amcom to manage.  Robert Morris University counts on Amcom to manage an entire fleet of MFP units and Laser Printers.  They also rely on us to deliver mail and packages across the entire campus, run central receiving and warehouse services, operate the Student Mail Center, and lastly staff the Campus Print and Copy Center.  Amcom employees run fork lifts and drive delivery vans to meet the campus need.  And, we also maintain the copiers.

When Valley Tire needed a solution for process automation, document scanning and storage, Amcom was able to design a system that works in conjunction with their hardware to streamline a workflow that touches all of their locations.

In summary, while Amcom is still the premier provider of MFP technology and systems in the area, we are so much more.  Our AMC360 process will allow us to lead you to the areas where you can make those improvements that will return dollars to your operating budget.  Let TeamAmcom help you exceed your expectations.  800-242-9695

This article is written and sponsored by Amcom.