When I became editorial director of niche publications for the Observer Publishing Company nearly two years ago, Total Health was the first title that I really felt connected to – in essence, it became my baby. I loved how the topic resonated with readers of all ages and demographics. Health is one of the few topics that most folks find important, and there are so, so many different subjects that can be covered.

We themed out the issues, paying attention to things like National Heart Month, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Autism awareness, back to school, Diabetes Awareness Month – even pet health, because we recognize that our pets are truly part of the family.

Total Health has been a part of the Observer Publishing Company’s family of titles for a long time – the first issue was published in September 2006. Each month in the more than 11 years since, it’s been inserted in the paper. We’ve covered medical breakthroughs, industry trends, stories that are equal parts inspiring and heart-breaking. We’ve interviewed doctors, patients, folks involved with non-profits and everyone in between. There were countless stories, and at times, our writers learned just as much as our readers.

However, you are holding in your hands the final standalone issue of Total Health – but make no mistake, Total Health isn’t going away. Health is such a big focus, we wanted to give ie a more regular forum, and satisfy our readers who are demanding more health coverage. So, beginning Saturday, May 5, Total Health will run weekly in the Observer-Reporter. Community editor Natalie Miller will be overseeing the section, and I’m positive that you, our readers, will be in great hands. If you have story ideas, you can email Natalie at nmiller@observer-reporter.com.

Like with any baby, letting go is going to be difficult for me. But I suppose I’m not entirely letting go – I’ll be reading every Saturday morning with you (and a cup of coffee).

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