By John Sacco

Nicole Spindler felt alone and scared during her freshman year at Peters Township High School.

Her father, Jeff, had been diagnosed with a rare cancer.

“There was a lot of uncertainty,” Spindler said.

Eight years later, Jeff Spindler is “alive and doing well.”

His diagnosis and recovery are the sources of the younger Spindler’s inspiration to write a book, “Beyond Life’s Moments,” that has been in the works, or at least in her mind since her freshman year of high school.

“I am hoping to tell my stories and inspire others how they can flourish beyond their life challenges and in times of uncertainty,” Spindler said.

“The book is about learning, overcoming and thriving throughout our life setbacks to discover future opportunities, passions, professions, and purposes that await us beyond those challenging moments.

“I wrote this book because throughout the hurdles that I have encountered and overcome in my life up to this moment, I have viewed my challenges as the key to unlocking continuous growth, learning more about myself and discovering what lies ahead of me on my life’s journey.”

Spindler is working with publisher New Degree Press, Washington, DC, in conjunction with Georgetown University, to develop a pre-launch effort to help spread the word and message of her book.

“Beyond Life’s Moments” is scheduled to publish in early December.

Spindler says she’s been influenced by communities in the South Hills, particularly Peters Township, where she grew up.

“I know this book can have an impact on people, just as the ideas in it have impacted me,” Spindler said.

Her focus and message are to clearly show that life’s obstacles and challenges can be overcome.

“I want people to see that whatever challenge they are facing, there is always light,” Spindler said. “There are so many greater things to do and so much good is in front of us.”

Spindler, 24, graduated from John Carroll University, near Cleveland, in May 2019 with a degree in human resources and management. She is employed in that field as she writes the book.

Much of her content, about 60 percent she estimates, comes from her own life experiences.

“I’m a huge journal writer,” she explained. “It’s been a way for me to process my thoughts and feelings throughout my life.”

That, along with completing a project in a literature class in high school, helped ignite her spirit to publish a book.

“At the time, I didn’t really feel like writing a lighter children’s book,” Spindler said. “I just wasn’t in the mood at the time. I ended writing it, and while it was the hardest thing, it was rewarding.

“I kind of always had the book I’m publishing in December in my mind.”

While most of the book’s content is from her journals, Spindler said she had more than 20 conversations with other people adapted into the book.

Much of the content is focused on taking lessons learned or challenges met helped transform someone’s personal and professional lives.

She started the book in January and finished it in June.

“It’s a memoir but also non-fiction,” Spindler said. “I had a few people in mind to interview and through a series of social media messages, I ended up doing 30 to 40 interviews. I had to cut down from there.”

Spindler said there are eight lessons discussed in the book.

“I think if you apply and hold on to these lessons, they will help transform yourself,” she said. “These can lead to positive outcomes. I know that even in the darkest and uncertain times, there is light.

“What I hope readers get out of the book is that no matter what life challenging circumstances come up. It’s inevitable and they come in all different sizes. It’s being able to meet and overcome the challenges that I hope people will find in the book to be useful and effective.”

For more information, check out the book’s Facebook page,”.

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