I’ve never been one for resolutions. Any big goals I set in a fit of inspiration while waiting for the bedazzled ball to drop are swiftly abandoned come February.

I’m more the type to set longterm, achievable intentions. Or, I at least attempt to do so. My success varies. My primary aspiration for 2019 was to read a book a month. To some that devour upwards of 100 novels annually, that might sound pretty meager. But I was originating from a literal handful, so a dozen felt doable.

I almost doubled that amount, reading a majority of books from female authors and more nonfiction than I would have ever thought to select had I been leisurely perusing the shelves at the library every other month.

Coming off that success, I knew what my focus in 2020 needed to be: wellness.

I’m staring at my wedding date, clear as day: 10/10/2020. And here I sit, the heaviest I’ve ever weighed. A sedentary desk job will do that to you. I’m not out of the field reporting as much anymore, so I’m not on my feet that often.

The last thing I want to do when I walk down the aisle is to worry about flab and chin. So I’m embarking on the Observer-Reporter’s Biggest Winner challenge come the end of the month.

The ninth annual competition will once again feature a team of Observer-Reporter readers and employees, including me. I signed up, not fully realizing what the seven-week boot camp style training regimen would entail. I just knew I wanted to feel a little more confident before I squeezed my lumps and bumps into an ivory lacy taffeta tulle sparkling something or other. If you’re interested in the progress in our team, look for those stories in the Observer-Reporter throughout the endeavor.

I don’t have a set number in mind. I want to achieve confidence. I hope you find confidence and comfort in your 2020 goals, too.

Many people like to keep health and wellness in mind when making their resolutions, which is why many of the stories within will focus on that theme. I investigated CBD, or cannabidiol, products. I see advertisements for these salves and oils almost everywhere, and I realized I knew next to nothing about them. I figured many of our readers were in the same boat, wondering about the stores cropping up focusing on these offerings.

Eleanor Bailey will take us on a trip to David Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine Center in Mt. Lebanon. Joe David and his associates have been helping the South Hills community recover and heal for a quarter of a century, treating athletes from the major acronyms – MLB, NFL and NHL – Olympic medalists and actors. The work isn’t always with stars, though. David told Bailey:

“I’m as proud of getting Mrs. Jones back to making her sauce as much as I am getting those guys back on the field ... (my patients) are all celebrities. That person that you are treating is a celebrity to somebody. It’s somebody’s mom or grandma, son or grandson, daughter, dad. You treat them all the same.”

Harry Funk and I took a trip to Millvale so he could try his hand at curling, and I could collect photographic evidence. I highly recommend both the story and the experience.

Happy New Year to you and all you hold dear. I hope your 2020 is more amazing that you could have imagined.


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