Fall has arrived, and families are returning to their regular routines.

It’s great to see people getting back to some normalcy.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our police department for the exemplary job they do every day to keep our town safe. Our police department is second to none, and I want everyone to know how much they pay close attention to every call that comes in. No matter what type of call, our officers take pride in ensuring everything is checked out and taken care of. Thanks for a job well done!

Safety is one of my most important issues. Lately, especially since the onset of the pandemic, I have noticed the increase of calls we are receiving, especially those concerning abuse and mental health issues. The pandemic has taken a toll on everyone.

It is incredibly stressful for all trying to be safe and not contract COVID-19 at home, school or work.

This, on top of the added stress of those impacted financially with the loss of jobs or revenue at most businesses and the rising cost of products, has caused an unbelievable amount of stress on everyone. Due to these factors, many have not been able to cope with the change in circumstances.

Being cooped up at home, adults and kids are very stressed with many times no social outlet. I’m hoping that bringing this to everyone’s attention will make people think about their actions and try to be patient and kind to one another.

Businesses are also being faced with a lack of employees, which forces the employees they have to become overworked as they try to provide services to the best of their ability. Something as simple as being more patient at restaurants or stores with longer the usual wait times and not taking your frustration out on workers is something we can all do to help. If someone is having a difficult day, try to be that someone who brightens their day. Try to be kind and understanding.

If a family member or friend is experiencing difficult times or mental health issues, try to help by calling the Washington County Crisis Line at 1-877-225-3567 or call 911. If something doesn’t look right or you suspect something isn’t right, contact 911 and have an officer check it out.

For your safety and the safety of others, you should not try to handle things on your own, especially if it concerns a mental health issue. With your help and our excellent police department, together, we can make our community safer and better.

Lastly, we continue to work hard at making Canonsburg a place people love to visit. Our team has brought many new businesses in who are in the process of refurbishing existing buildings to make our town look brand new. We continue to try to hold events like Alley Way Saturdays and the Oktoberfest, just to name a few.

These events help people see just what Canonsburg has to offer. Again, this year, we will be bringing the holidays alive in Canonsburg with the Old Fashioned Christmas celebration. If you want to get involved, please feel free to contact us.

There are many ways to volunteer, from helping to decorate, being a vendor, sponsoring a gingerbread house, or setting up and tearing down. Any amount of time or talent you can volunteer would be greatly appreciated. These events take a lot of time and planning to pull off. We look forward to recruiting your help.

My door is always open. If you have any concerns, ideas, or just want to talk in general, come on down and let me hear from you. It is the people who get involved in their community that really make a difference.

I look forward to seeing all of you at the upcoming holiday celebrations and throughout the community in the forthcoming weeks.

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