Like any other volunteer organization, fire departments all over the Commonwealth and the country are struggling when it comes to volunteers.

Granted, most fire departments’ requirements are a little different from other organizations, but it’s still all about time and commitment. It takes time to complete the required training and education to make a good firefighter.

It also takes knowing there is a particular commitment to time and effort because while some say, I’m just a volunteer, that only lasts as long as it takes to walk in the door and ask to join. From there on, it’s commitment!

The Canonsburg Volunteer Fire Department is always looking for folks willing to take on that time and commitment to be a member.

While we recognize family and job play a big part in a person’s time, in order to be a good member, I go back to that phrase, “time and commitment.” What you get in exchange is a brother and sisterhood second to none and the fulfillment of giving back in a way that few can express.

As a member, we commit to you the best of personal equipment, extensive training and education opportunities, the best firefighting equipment available.

In addition, a generous benefits package is given to each member that helps compensate for their time and their and their families’ protection while participating in one of the most dangerous occupations there is.

How can you be part of this? We meet every Monday night for training from 7 to 9 p.m. regularly.

The exception would be holidays and the first Monday of every month, which is our business meeting. We welcome any interested person to stop by during that time or whenever you may see the bay doors open to pick up a brochure that talks about being a member and offer you the opportunity to stick around and watch what we may be doing that evening. We do have a junior program for those folks 16 and 17, but regular membership is for those 18 and over.

One last comment, we are generally the group that comes to the aid of our residents who may be having the worst day of their life, needing to call 911 and ask for the fire department.

Our commitment to everyone that calls for our assistance is to try and help you get that situation reversed and start on the road to recovery.

So if you think you have what it takes, we welcome you to come and see us and become part of a community tradition that began back in 1902.

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