Did you know Canon-McMillan High School has a small, school-based retail store run by the students? The students here in school operate and manage the CM Store during every lunch period, which is when the store is open for all students and staff to make purchases.

The CM Store is very beneficial to the students because it helps them learn transferable skills for future jobs. This fairly new CM Store program also incorporates the elements of STEAM: science, technology, engineering, arts and math. For example, students use state-of-the-art applications to create designs for apparel, demonstrating the use of technology and artistic principles. They can practice and see what it is like dealing with money, using communication skills with customers, and coming up with their own creative ideas for what the store should sell.

There are many things made and sold here in the school. The CM Store manufactures and sells Canon-McMillan apparel, masks, customized apparel and so much more! The students in the store come up with their own ideas and make the items by hand in the Fab Lab. The Fab Lab is where the students can press designs onto apparel or use the laser engraver to carve designs onto different materials. The store sells things for everyone, and the students would love to have customers all over the district buy from our store!

If interested in purchasing from the CM store or customizing apparel, please reach out to Dr. Cavanaugh at cavanaughs@cmsd.k12.pa.us or Mrs. Johnson at johnsonn@cmsd.k12.pa.us, and the CM Store can help you. The students would love to have you purchase from our store and contribute to the CM Store program at Canon-McMillan High School.

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