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Each week, the Observer-Reporter asks Facebook friends to respond to a question about an issue in the news. This week, we asked, “What are your thoughts about a proposal to impeach four Democratic justices on Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court over recent redistricting rulings?”

Kevin Garry So fair elections are unfair?

David Vukmanic Any activist judge needs to be impeached. Far too many legislate from the bench.

April Cooper IMPEACH!

Patty Dunn Eric Holders’ job is to go around the country to get as many states to do the redistricting as possible, in hopes to flip states to majority Democrat. Democrats have all hands on deck to prevent ANY Republican for getting in office.

Sharon Sharp The state needed redistricting to make elections fair. The Republicans didn’t like it and want to impeach the judges. There is only ONE person who really needs to be impeached ... guess who?

Christopher Malli Unelected judges are to interpret law. If not proper interpretation exists, then send it back to the legislative body to get it rewritten to include what the intent of the law is to be. Judges do not make law or draw lines. When they overstep their authority then impeach them.

Tim Stewart The U.S. Constitution calls for the Legislature to set up the districts. In the court case both Republican justices and one Democrat approved the newly drawn map. The rest of the Democrats opposed it, a majority of 1. At that point it really should have been sent back to the Legislature to try again. However, the court had drawn a map and chose to impose theirs. A more political decision than a legally correct one.

Matthew Ridge Moorman It’s sad, really. Gerrymandering shouldn’t be a partisan issue, but like many things the GOP has brainwashed their base into thinking it’s some liberal plot made by the deep state etc. Unfortunately brainwashing their base is what they do best look at the cult of Trump.

Tim Ray If you’re paying attention, it’s not just liberal judges overstepping their authority in PA. It’s all across the country. PA should take the lead on this and continue the impeachment process. It’s gone too far. Something’s got to change.

Thomas White All activist judges need to be impeached! Making laws is not what they are for! Nor are they for usurping power from a rival party!

Eric McGrosky ... the cry babies didn’t get their way and want to blame somebody ... suck it up, buttercup ...

Chip Conklin Well, let’s see. It’s Democrat Eric Holders’ brain child. So there’s no way it’s good for the Republicans of the state. The whole thing stinks like road kill.

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