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Each week, the Observer-Reporter asks Facebook friends to respond to a question about an issue in the news. This week, we asked: “What are your thoughts about Kanye West’s meeting with President Trump at the White House last week?”

Rachel Lewandowski Klepsky: Our White House should not invite swearing, ranting, lunatics thru its doors. And that goes for Kayne West as well.

Brenda Neckerman: What if Kanye could give the president some valuable insight into what’s going wrong inside all the minority inner cities, so that the president could better learn how to help? There is always that possibility, you know ...

John Fick: It’s interesting to see Trump voters become fans of Kanye West while boycotting the NFL, Nike, and Harley Davidson. What a time to be alive!

Linda Malenich: Jumping all over, ranting. No control over himself. Not what I would consider decorum. Especially someone who is a millionaire.

Rose Frodelius: Surely not appropriate for OUR White House. Also, when did the president sit for 10 minutes without interrupting?

Sue Knisely: The hats he gave says it all!

Suzanne Frey: I have nothing nice to say.

Dave Cipriani: Waste of time ... Everyday people would be more productive ...

Brenda Neckerman: Seems like not many people care about all the accomplishments that our president has already made. I think it was a brilliant idea. If it had been Barbara Streisand or Jane Fonda you would all be screaming how delighted you were. He is trying to reach out so he can help people, all people. Now if you naysayers would just get out of the way ...

Ryan Higgins: Republican or Democrat, celebrities have no place in the White House.

Nealie Wuchevich Cruz: In a word – eloquent.

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