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Each week, the Observer-Reporter asks Facebook friends to respond to a question about an issue in the news. This week, we asked: “What do you think about the New York Times’ decision to publish an anonymous op-ed about an internal “resistance” to President Trump?”

Jerry Hickman: First of all is the source, “anonymous senior official.”

Lest we forget that NYT was caught in 2011 calling an anonymous source (who turned out to be an intern) a “senior official.”

Plus the timing to the Woodward book release.

Whole story should be taken with a grain of salt right now.

Eric McGrosky: ... and Deep Throat was an assistant FBI director ...

Butch Tuttle: Maybe, just maybe, it’s someone from The NY Times just to create a problem for the administration.

Gloria Angotti Fryer: Freedom of the press is a constitutional right; Eric McGrosky said it well; the U.S. DOJ cannot investigate, no jurisdiction. It is unfortunate that DJT does not understand (1) the Constitution; (2) the balance of power between the three branches of government.

Steve Sisul: Hey. It’s the New York Times. What do you expect out of that paper?

Eric McGrosky: ... yeah, all those Pulitzers were a just a sham ... yeah, right ...

Stephen Smith: Garbage. Had been for a long time. And a Pulitzer is like a Grammy ... garbage

Codey Amprim: Yeah, a bunch of elites giving themselves awards.

Chris Daman: I know someone who thinks it is true. His tweets want to know who it is.

Nicolas Borovich: I think that they should release the name of the anonymous author.

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