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The Observer-Reporter occasionally asks Facebook friends to respond to a question about an issue in the news. This week, we asked: “What are your thoughts about adding a citizenship question to the 2020 Census form?”

Alie Horner Absolutely, everyone needs to be accountable.

Beth Muchant Taraban I am curious about all of the people saying, “Obama took it off.” What is the source of that statement? Here is what I found (from NPR): “The last time a citizenship question was among the census questions for all U.S. households was in 1950. That form asked where each person was born and in a follow-up question asked, “If foreign born – Is he naturalized?””

Suze Knisley NO CITIZENSHIP QUESTION. The purpose of the census is for future planning. The country’s infrastructure, city planning, various people-oriented programs are all based on the census results. By adding that question, the results will be greatly skewed as to how many people are currently living in a given area.

Tom Strain Each state is allocated a number of electors equal to the number of its U.S. senators (always 2) plus the number of its U.S. representatives (which may change each decade according to the size of each state’s population as determined by the census) so citizenship, should absolutely be on a census.

Gail Orozco It has been on many censuses in the past. Question also on the mother country. I am a Democrat; however, I am also a genealogist and believe it is important in more than one area to know where you come from. 100 years from now genealogy descendants will appreciate.

Lisa Zgorliski Adams Yes, a citizenship question should remain on the census.

Nicola DeThomas If it isn’t on there I will add it myself. As far as some of the questions on the form, I will not answer because it is none of the government’s business, like how many automobiles I have and what kind of water, etc.

Betty McCombs It should be an open book who’s living here. It’s always been so why change anything now? Funds go out according to citizens and non-citizens.

Marilyn Mankin Gallagher Yes, a citizenship question should be added! It was included on the census before! I don’t understand why anyone would not want it asked! Why? Who wouldn’t want to know how many illegals are currently in our country and how many the Democrats want to pay health care for!

Jennifer Holleran Nusser Citizenship/Naturalization questions have been on censuses before, and they are very helpful when doing genealogy research. I have no problem with it.

Jim Williams I have no problem with it. The census is to see where citizens live to allocate money and representation.

Nita Wussick The question is why is Trump so hell-bent on putting the question on the census? Especially when it’s already been decided by the court that the premise for including it was flawed. My thought is this is a way for people’s nationality, location and/or legality to be used against them. Who’s to say he will not pull the census records and hand them over to immigration, which is clearly a violation of privacy. But then Trump seems to have no problem with issues of legality for anything he wants to do.

John Milvet It should be on there. It determines the number of representatives a district gets, which is very important to state and federal government. They spent millions trying to prove Russian collusion, but yet want to let illegal aliens determine our number of representatives. Wouldn’t you call that foreign interference?

Lenora Escott Filby The census is a count of inhabitants. Being a citizen or not isn’t the issue. Counting every one is the issue. My concern is that the president indeed (thinks) that anyone not a citizen is illegal (He doesn’t come out and says that blatantly but repeatedly equates immigrants as illegal).

Lynne Good As a genealogy researcher I have always found that useful information, but with this current president threatening to pick up and deport a million illegal immigrants, I doubt if we will get an accurate account of how many people we have. This could affect funding allocations for EVERYTHING and it will affect EVERYONE.

Tracie Henderson The real question should be, “Why do you not want it?”

Karen Willard I think that is a sensible question. Leave it on.

Ruth Ulrich Campbell Why is it NOT on there? Yes it should be on.

Jason Moore Add it. You should be a citizen to be counted as a citizen. Common sense.

Chris Meyer Just do it and get over it. If you are an illegal, you aren’t going to admit it anyway. Just count people and move on.

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