Each week, the Observer-Reporter asks Facebook friends to respond to a question about an issue in the news. This week, we asked, “Did you attend the Jimmy Buffett concert at KeyBank Pavilion Saturday? If so, what was your experience getting into the venue?”

Aaron Ketchem: I heard people couldn’t get in and waited for long amounts of time. I also heard some folks only got to hear a few songs by the time they got into the concert.

Jeff Petruski: Had no problem getting in at all!

Barbara Reed Herbert: The gates did not open on time, but we were early and in line so we didn’t have a problem. Entered at East Gate. Sad folks had issues getting in. The gates should have opened much earlier than they did. And not Buffett’s fault. Blame falls on facility and Live Nation! Employees were apologizing for scanners not working properly!

Carol Millich-Lescallette: The gate opening time is dependent on the band. Sometimes the scanners don’t work well when there are sellouts. That is definitely something the facility needs to investigate. Has been an issue for years. I haven’t figured out yet why only the west gate was so bad? At least that is all I have read. Anyone who has been to the venue (or really any venue) needs to know you just can’t wait too long to get in. That mad rush of people who wait till the last minute overwhelms the system and it isn’t good for the workers or customers. ... I understand the frustration, but this venue has been there going on 30 years, and no matter what, it is not the employees’ fault!

Danielle Yerkey: Absolutely horrible. Over an hour in line (west gate) and never gained entry. Last visit.

Carol Barney Dixon: Even though I’m not a fan of his, that company owes people money for missing a lot of the show!

Justin Darr: I was there early for some tailgating, so I got in the west gate right when it opened (late). I’m a vet and have old shrapnel they left in my legs, so it’s always touch and go for me at metal detectors. But, for the last few years they must have figured out how to discern this because I haven’t dinged anywhere in years. Well, I did here, and showed them my card and they were completely perplexed. I went back through the gate and did not trigger a signal, and this seemed to make the matter worse for some reason. So, I lifted the pant leg on my shorts and showed them the scars and explained the entire process behind why they left the metal. One of the security guards asked me fairly aggressively where I got the scars. ... Like my thighs were wired with bombs. I said Iraq, and this must have been the wrong answer, because he backed away from me on got on his little walkie-talkie. Lol. So, I got pissed and demanded to see a supervisor. An older, much more personable security guy walked over. I don’t know if he was called or just walked by, and said, “Come on in, sir. Sorry about that, etc.” If this is the type of idiots they employ, I can easily see the line nightmare happening again.

Jen Mungari: We got there an hour early, and waited in line for almost two hours. Metal detectors went off for all of us. Handheld wand went off too. Tickets wouldn’t scan. Missed half the show. Haven’t heard anything back from Ticketmaster yet. Not real happy.

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