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The Observer-Reporter occasionally asks Facebook friends to respond to a question about an issue in the news. This week, we asked: “What are your thoughts about the removal of U.S. troops from northern Syria?” Here are some of the responses we received:Yvette Vavro: I can’t even begin to express how disgusted I feel. They fought side by side with American soldiers. American soldiers died helping the Kurds and to show our gratitude, we throw the Kurds to the wolves with no warning. Also let’s not forget about the thousands of ISIS terrorists that are now out and running loose again. So please tell me how this benefits America.

Yvonne Carpenter Phillips: How does killing our young soldiers benefit a war that will never end?

Terri Waxter: Maybe all the people that think we should stay there can volunteer their family members to go over and fight an endless war.

Lori Brett: I think that we shouldn’t be involved in the Middle East fighting. We are supposedly there to help protect people. I think that we are protecting the oil investments of our government politicians. The same types of civil wars happened in Africa and we just let it happen because our politicians are not invested in Africa.

Oren Spiegler: I agree with the president that the United States should not be the law enforcement officer of the world, and every American soldier casualty is tragic, but he has made a foolish move in withdrawing our troops, and has taken this action without consultation and for the wrong reason, and what he has done is likely to lead to a regeneration of the so-called Islamic State. The man who does not honor agreements previously made by our country has done it again, forsaking our allies the Kurds and subjecting them to slaughter. Today there is no reason to trust the United States and we are no longer a nation which stands for human rights. Proclaiming oneself pro-life as Donald Trump does is meaningless in the grand scheme of things when there is little regard for those who have emerged from the womb.

Lisa Locke: I hope all you from PA who put Trump in office are happy now. Where are the checks and balance you said would prevail?

Eric McGrosky: ... everybody but Trump knew exactly what was going to happen in Syria. He needs to be impeached or the bonds we have made with all of our allies will be broken and they are not so easily repaired ...

Darren E. Spiker: I am sickened by the decision by Trump. It’s all about greed and his connections with Putin. He has divided our country and has ruined relationships with our allies. He asks communist China and the Ukraine to get involved into our elections. He has tried to befriend North Korea’s dictator. The man ... needs removed from office for many reasons. His lies and spreading of hate during his campaign tantrums are just one example of his insanity and just how unfit he is to be called our POTUS.

Phil Conklin: It amazes me how knowledgeable all you anti-Trump people are! You must all be getting leaks of the daily White House briefings. Oh, wait, I forgot, you all watch CNN ... They know everything ... And just today one of the “news” channels moved the war in Syria to Kentucky. Must have saved a bundle on correspondent airfare.

Rich Beranek: Well, those people have fought for thousands of years. You get a plus if your opinion includes your mother, father, son, daughter, relative or husband or wife. Those sent to that never-ending madness. Only then will you REALLY be able to just say, yeah, leave us there to fix all the world’s problems. Where are all the other counties to contribute their loved ones lives to it? Or even sacrifice a year without them at best case scenario, PTSD? .

Kelly Ackman Homan: It’s time for the Kurds to stand on their own.

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