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Each week, the Observer-Reporter asks Facebook friends to respond to a question about an issue in the news. This week, we asked for feedback on the following: President Trump encouraged his supporters at a veterans convention to stick with him, saying, ‘Just remember what you’re seeing and what you’re reading is not happening.’

Mary S Morris It is so sad that so many people still follow him and think he does such a great job. When in fact, as we have all seen, he is in it for himself. He does not care what he is doing to our country. He is in it for his ego. I can’t wait for the rest of his attorney’s tapes to be released.

Joe Edwards He’s clean and you’ll be mad.

Mary S Morris Joe Edwards, open your eyes. Every time he opens his mouth he contradicts something he said a few weeks ago ON TAPE, then calls it “fake news.”

Jim Douglas Yes, the rest of his attorney’s tapes ... you mean the ones Trump has that Cohen taped the media? Bwhahahah! He’s only “hurting the country” if you are a progressive loon. He’s really doing exactly what we elected him to do. Reverse every bit of damage the left has done and make it like Obama, Clinton and the Bushes were never here.

Mary S Morris Jim Douglas, no, the tapes where real reporters ask questions he answers, then lies that he never said it, ONLY to then stammer and say that’s not what I meant. Like I don’t see why Russia would, only to explain later that he meant that Russia wouldn’t. The list goes on and on with him.

Moira Sweeney Dwyer How is it possible that people are so gullible? Every day it does seem more like a cult.

Anna Rubis Agree. It’s like being brainwashed.

Joe Edwards You Democrat liberals are the ones believing CNN, LOL.

Jim Douglas Yes, because low taxes, high employment, record stock markets, great trade deals, billions returning to our country, heavy industry coming back, booming economy, rebuilt military, ending the Korean War, destroying ISIS, rebuilding the middle class, restoring Main Street, unleashing entrepreneurs, regaining our place as the top energy producer in the world, rebuilding NATO, rebuilding our leadership on the world stage, keeping illegals, terrorists, drugs, gangs and other undesirables out of our country, rebuilding our infrastructure, revealing the rampant corruption in government and media, etc., are all bad for the country only if you are a left-wing loon. President Trump is only getting started. Just wait. The swamp will be drained after the midterms and Kavanaugh gets confirmed. Then your heads will really explode. WINNING!

Moira Sweeney Dwyer Jim Douglas, boy do you live in some dream world.

Tracy Nelson Horne It’s sad. My thought is this: While we are so focused on what the POTUS is doing or not doing, what’s really happening ... division via mainstream media, division via social media ... no one really seeing any real truth or hearing anything that makes sense ...

Yep, while your country was sleeping, she may have committed suicide!

Wake up and get real, it’s our responsibility to make it right...

Sue Huggins Wise That statement is inflammatory and misleading. No one should disregard what they see and hear and follow anyone blindly.

Susan J. Hartger It is gaslighting. He is simply trying to discredit the news. Many continue to believe him. We are living in strange and scary times.

Brandi Sloneker It’s time to #WALKAWAY, Observer-Reporter. Drain Washington County’s swamp! Publish that! #TRUMP2020

Susan J. Hartger The walkaway thing is a fake.

Brandi Sloneker Definitely not. But if it is fake, it should be real. Washington County definitely is a swamp.

Suzanne Henault The only ones who are not seeing are the sheep that blindly follow this inept man. Open your eyes.

Levi Maddy We have! Which is why that blood red moon you see tonight is just the beginning of the red wave that will rain down upon this great country again in November. Pucker up, baby, because it’s about to get a lot worse for the snowflakes.

Keith Wytiaz The sheep always walk to the left.

Linda Gonzales I support what he’s done! I do not trust the media or establishment politicians.

Eric McGrosky ... close to Hitler speak ...

Megan Bryner Hitler speak? You obviously forgot that Hitler was a left-leaning socialist who uses propaganda to convince the public. He didn’t speak out against news organizations. He utilized and socialized them. Your comparison is very rude. You minimize REAL human suffering that occurred under Nazi rule by making such an absurd comparison. It’s ludicrous to suggest such things while you enjoy your freedom of speech from your technology screen.

Eric McGrosky “...Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances...”

Megan Bryner Eric McGrosky, OK. So? Where exactly are you going with this? It doesn’t apply. Telling someone not to believe what they hear is not illegal. Nobody in this equation is facing legal consequences for anything. Not civilly, not criminally. You need to better understand how laws work. You have a really poor interpretation of the First Amendment.

You’re enjoying free speech right now. If Trump was such a dictator ... I’m pretty sure not only would you not be expressing your political opposition publicly, you’d also be in jail right now.

Eric McGrosky Megan Bryner, he’s the president and hardly acts presidential ... the press is the crown jewel of the freedom of speech. One does not just throw it to the curb ...

Cindy Kusch Stephan I love him. He has done more for American citizens according to our Constitution than any president has ever done. Government should never be in our personal lives at all. They only create “sheeple” to follow a system of false protectionism. Learn to think and protect yourselves.

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