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The Observer-Reporter occasionally asks Facebook friends to respond to a question about an issue in the news. This week, we asked: “What are your thoughts on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s request of President Trump to postpone next week’s State of the Union address as long as the federal government is closed?”

Linda Gonzales: She’s afraid the country will hear some truth. Leftists always try to silence conservative speakers. Only want their propaganda heard.

John P. Buckels: This an extra paid vacation to all salaried government employees who don’t work. They have Cadillac health insurance, lifelong employment, and almost impossible to fire for underperformance. Yes, an inconvenience for some, but I’m shedding no tears for them. The liberal news media is just trying to whip up support for Pelosi, while further dividing this country. $5 billion is a rounding error to our already bloated federal budget, and a wall, in some places, is the only way to stop an organized run on our border. I’m all for legal immigration via the rule of law, just not for “illegal” immigration.

Ron Clark: Speaker Pelosi is saving Trump from a lot of embarrassment ... since the state of the union isn’t looking so good.

Susan Elaine Bayard: I completely agree with her request. What is the point of Trump just using the opportunity to grandstand for the wall when we have so many people being hurt by this awful shutdown! Priorities, please. Enough is enough.

Karen Frohnapfel Cusano Have your State of Union Address! Have it in the White House or go to North Carolina. They would be glad to have you. Just give it.

Barb Orbin: That’s is not her decision. She acts as if she is the president.

Jul Tessmer: Open the government, then talk. Enough is enough!

James Earl: Politics in this country are too polarized. I’m sure there were many times in the past, too, especially if you believe parts of the story in the Hamilton musical. The difference now is that social media provides an opportunity for every little issue to spread like wildfire with people jumping to heated conclusions from the safety of wherever they (and their iPhones) happen to be.

So this whole SOTU address safety issue and however the president decides to deliver his address anyway (and you can bet on him doing so) is just more of the same nonsense that we should expect from both sides as long as we live in the social media age.

June Bell: I would like to hear what he has to say.

Vern Smith: We already know the state of the union!

Steve Evon Sr.: Looks likes it’s becoming a personal battle between them two.

Kim Keller: It’s not her job.

Raymond Charles: I think he should postpone it ...

William Margie: Who does she think she is?

Oren Spiegler: I believe that Speaker Pelosi’s request (not demand or directive) that the State of the Union Address not take place as scheduled was of a political rather than substantive nature, but that does nothing to mitigate the fact that we are in the midst of a government shutdown that the president has claimed and boasted of, a shutdown over nothing but a petulant man’s insistence that he get his way so that he may keep an ill-advised campaign promise. Did anyone believe his repeated pledge that Mexico would pay for his “beautiful wall,” which most of the American people do not want?

Sherry Myers: I’d like to see a rule/law that states any time a shutdown lasts longer than 14 calendar days all members of Congress are ineligible to run for re-election, or to any other public office. Nothing like the threat of losing the the ability to feed off the taxpayer to bring the recalcitrant to the negotiating table.

Misty Cassidy: Trump needs to come up in the Congress and make her sit there and listen to the speech. The Democrats have shown they will not comprise. They would rather hurt federal workers to not give Trump a win. This is and always has been another Democrat shutdown.

Eva Mecs: Our president knows exactly what and how to get around a minor obstacle, named Pelosi.

George Hanes: Give the speech.

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