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What are your thoughts about the Food and Drug Administration’s proposal to ban menthol cigarettes and cigars in the United States?

Vernon Scott Smitley Jr.: Thank god i quit smoking three months ago after 17 years. i smoked a menthol and I coughed up blood. i used vaping as a means to quit smoking , which i still vape today.

Clyde Dunfee: Just ban cigarettes, period! I smoke but would love to see how much in tax money it would pull out of the government profits.

Margaret L Barckhoff: It seems the claim is that kids are smoking these types of cigarettes, but I’d be more worried about flavors that mimic candy and fruit than a cough drop.

Rifka Louise Ellison: If all places are carding which is the law, what difference does it make?

Vernon Scott Smitley Jr.: Rifka Louise Ellison, some places don’t card and use the excuse, “Oh, they look old enough. I’m not far from 40 and still get carded LOL.

Joe Tokarski: I’m not a smoker! Great. More Government involvement. Just what we need!

Eric McGrosky: Menthol covers some of the bitter taste, thus making it easier to smoke them. They were also heavily advertised in the black community who made up a higher percentage of users ..

Anthony Byrd: Ban nothing. Let people make their own decisions. We live in America. This is not a dictatorship.

Brenda Neckerman: Then they need to ban all cigarettes. What’s banning just the menthol going to do? Those smokers will just switch to nonmenthol.

David Kramer: More government overreach. Where does it end?

Anthony J. Lewandowski: This is a blatant act of racism.

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