What are your thoughts about the legalization of marijuana for recreational use?

Dan White: I think this country was founded on freedom. And I should be free to pursue my happiness. Cannabis is less harmful than sugar. And no, I do not believe the government should be taxing marijuana at all. Taxation is theft.

Shari Hudak VonScio: Legalize, and regulate it. Too many strains and other drugs in the hands of dealers. Tax it and use for roads and school safety. Drug testing should determine timeline of use. This discussion is getting old. The majority are in favor of legalization.

Amy L. Lasko: I am having a hard time supporting it being legalized for recreational purposes. It will get taxed and probably cost more. It will be controlled like alcohol. I am perfectly happy with it just being legal medicinally!

Jonathan Plants: If it’s legalized recreationally, it still doesn’t mean it’s legal to sell or buy on the street. The price will normalize at the state level just like it has it all the other states. When I smoked, I preferred to pay extra for quality weed.

Eric McGrosky: The politicians will like it for the tax money and users will like having it available legally. The religious conscripts won’t like it because people might actually start realizing there is no god.

Melissa Arnold: I believe those in power have been brainwashed about the so-called dangers of marijuana. If you follow the research without prejudice it is safe and serves many purposes. It could go a long way to reversing the opioid epidemic!

Barb Long: I’m all for it, and CBD oil! Helps pain immensely and much safer than alcohol. Too many drunks in Waynesburg!

Jennifer Marie: I would much rather see patients prescribed marijuana than opioids to manage pain. As far as recreational use goes, I feel that it’s safer than alcohol.

Stanley Anthony Morris: In 2007 I was arrested for possession of a small amount of marijuana. I was 18, working, just looking to have fun with friends. I was arrested with 5 grams, and the legal fees that came after the court case were too much to deal with. I didn’t have much, but what I did have I lost it all. All over 5 grams of a dried flower.

Eric Miller: I’m all for legalizing it! I do believe that it can be a gateway drug if you let it, but it helps my pain and anxiety levels with very little side effects! I would rather smoke weed as opposed to pills!

Ray Riggleman: Funny how 20 years ago the mentality was just say no to drugs and alcohol. Now it’s let’s have a town meeting to legalize. Going in reverse.

Greenfield Quarles: Legalize it! The tax revenue generated could offset property taxes, gas taxes, and could fund our schools. It’s working for Colorado!

Erika Samek Maskil: I don’t use it and never have. But, I have no problem with legalizing it. As a nurse I’m more worried about the opioid crisis that we are in.

Travis Moore: It’s seemed to work in other states and provides another form of revenue. I’d rather they use that money to fund our schools and eliminate property taxes.

Pete T. Kasich: Will people who buy any form of legal marijuana lose their right to buy, own, carry and use firearms?

Roger Bryan: I believe it should be medical and recreation, allow medical facilities to sell their products to patients for their own well being. But as a recreation aspect, it should be decriminalized and people should be allowed six plants per home, three flowering and three vegetating, like most states.

Robert Redman: It is a plant. Shouldn’t have been illegal in the first place. Big Pharma is the one that pushed to demonize it so they could make money off of their muscle relaxers and pain medications

Vinny Maelstrom: Prohibition does not work. It only creates criminals where there was none. This plant has been on Earth way before the United States was even conceived. It’s absolutely asinine to continue with the failed policy of prohibition.

Wil Keener: Just a way to fund Pennsylvania government’s wasteful spending! These lying bands of thieves sure aren’t working for the taxpayers of Pa. Only their own agenda! Would like to see a real audit of this state done by an outside interest and then follow the money trail. Riddle me this: Why does the state of Pennsylvania have more legislators than any other state?

Alan Bainbridge: I am a veteran who served two tours in Iraq. I suffer from PTSD. I think included in the freedom I fought for should be the right to grow and medicate with a plant without having to jump through hoops and lose the right to bear arms. We need to legalize it, but it should be a progressive law that doesn’t take away my rights to own a gun.

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