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Each week, the Observer-Reporter asks Facebook friends to respond to a question about an issue in the news. This week, we asked: What are your thoughts about Gov. Tom Wolf’s proposal to raise the state’s hourly minimum wage to $12 an hour?

Joe Mefford: Wage goes up ... cost-of-living goes up ... that $3 big Mac will jump to $6 to help balance payroll.

Derek Day: For claiming to have made his name running a cabinet business, Wolf shows his ignorance of how to run a business. Either that or he knows and is deliberately attempting to make it harder for business to operate in Pennsylvania.

Chad Roberts: Raising the minimum wage only creates inflation.

Terry Childs: It is a good start, but to keep up with inflation it should be $15.

Brenda Neckerman: No. Maybe $10 an hour, but part-time summer jobs, and fast food jobs shouldn’t be paying $12. If we keep handing out money, no one will be incentivized to work harder and do better.

Jason Dhans: Reduce all state workers to $12 a hour and see how it works out

Terry Weidert: If an employee does a great job, they will get a raise and be promoted. This works for all employees.

Mary Ellen Kania: I believe an increase is wrong. The job growth that has been happening will automatically raise wages. A mandatory increase will hurt small businesses. It will also just cause more inflation.

Chuck Walnoha: The problem is that large corporations such as McDonald’s are the face of this issue. No one takes into account the businesses that don’t have the deep pockets like they do. What do they do? Close? Cut positions? Obviously this is another issue that Wolf has given his typical lack of attention to. Maybe he should focus on Pa. and stop worrying about keeping up with the other states.

Vincent Nemeth: There will be huge hourly cutbacks. Look at Amazon.

Patrick Cooper: Let him work for $12.00 a hour.

Kathleen Colbert-gibson: Definitely needs to be raised. Every state around us has a higher minimum wage.

Tia Bowden: Gonna kill the small business who will either have to cut jobs to meet the wage hike or close doors.

Anna Rubis: If we are the lowest paying state then we have to get onboard somewhat. Prices will rise regardless ... thanks to him.

Bill Moore: More interference in the free market. Typical.

Damon Casseday: I think it should be based on a businesses’ financial history. In other words, Lowes and Home Depot are large corporations whereas Wayne Lumber and Scotties Pizza are single small businesses that would be hurt. I don’t know if it could be based on an example such as this to determine a scale.

Missy Sardo: I think it will hurt small businesses the most. The market should bear what they can pay. If you’re a good employee, then they will pay more to keep you.

Eric McGrosky: The federal minimum wage is $7.50. It’s ridiculous. (And waitstaff make half that.) The employer will always cry about anything mandatory. And it makes for more tax money and thus less out of my pocket.

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