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Each week, the Observer-Reporter asks Facebook friends to respond to a question about an issue in the news. This week, we asked, “What sort of action should be taken against the East Pittsburgh police officer who fired the shots that killed a teen fleeing a traffic stop last week?”

Raoul Lipshitz: So now we’re to ignore the perpetrator’s actions which led to the confrontation, threats to innocents, ready access to illegal firearms and ignoring lawful orders, all of which placed himself at risk?

Colleen Phillips McKenzie: Enough already. Until full investigation done & any charges filed – let it go! There’s enough stress & angst already out there.

Kris Lutz Dittrich: Sad situation all around. Many unknowns to public. Though, one has to ask what training the officer received with his weapon prior to patrol. I imagine the outcry or lack thereof would be quite different if the officer was shot and killed in a similar fashion to Officer Shaw in 2017.

Linda Johnston Romesburg: What right do you have to ask this, when all the facts aren’t known yet! This is just going to cause more unrest.

Brenda Neckerman: I don’t think you should ask for any opinions yet until we get all the facts. Investigation still under way.

Donna McDonald Barron: As in all police shootings, there should be a complete investigation to determine if any charges are warranted.

Deb Alexis: I need to hear his side of the story before I even make an opinion.

Ron McNary: I know this much, if any of the people on this thread shot someone fleeing from them, armed or not, they’d still be in county (jail) and they wouldn’t get paid leave.

Ana Cassin: What is there to investigate?

Jessica Reed: Fired and charged.

Terry Childs: Shooting an unarmed fleeing suspect in the back three times should get one arrested and tried for murder.

Eric McGrosky: ...the officer was alone on the first day on the job; the youth was in a vehicle with the back window shot out; the vehicle had two guns in the back seat; the youth ran; the youth had a gun clip in his pocket. It all adds up to a dearth of errors...

Cheryn Isbell: A trial. Let the jury decide!

Jeffrey Coins: why was he running?

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