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Each week, the Observer-Reporter asks Facebook friends to respond to a question about an issue in the news. This week, we asked: “What are your thoughts about the creation of a Space Force as a separate military branch?”

Bill Chestnut: Well ... to me it’s like this ... what has the government been hiding from us for decades now? And, why do this now?

Jenn Carpenter: Can someone remind him we have NASA?

Stephen Smith: How would one expect NASA to defend the United States against attacks from above our atmosphere? Like, serious question. Please fill me in on what I’ve missed.

Lori Ann: This is what I used to do in the military. Do I think we need a separate branch? No. But let’s be real, with technological advances, pretty soon bombs are going to be dropped from space. Hand-to-hand combat is complete opposite of space warfare. You know how your cellphone, ATMs, Google maps all work? GPS satellites. Weather predictions, tracking massive fires, and storms – weather satellites. How we know and can react to a foreign country firing an ICBM at us? And have enough time to react – infrared satellites. And yeah, all the fun spy stuff you think about – just use your imagination. All it takes is knocking out one of our communication satellites, ground-based radars, and our military can be rendered almost useless. This is so much more than “we’re wasting money.” This has been in the budget since the ‘50s. You really want to understand it, Google it (unclassified, of course) or better yet, join the military and experience it.

Chris Kramer: I think NASA and the Air Force have been working together for some time now and we don’t need another layer of bureaucracy and further expansion of the military-industrial complex.

Andy Fox: Think about this for one minute. A private company can put a rocket into orbit.

Bill Chestnut: Jenn, NASA isn’t military and this goes way beyond Trump, so don’t blame him. This is into the last century, not new, something very, very old and has been in EVERY BUDGET since the ’50s or ’60s ... black ops budget. Read into it.

Suzanne Frey: Spend the money on homeless veterans, and those past and present suffering from PTSD.

Chris Kontomanoli: Waste of taxpayer money.

Andrea Vozel Grosso: Such a waste of money.

Rebecca Piatt Selway: So stupid.

Sherri Hopkins: Stupid waste of money.

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