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Each week, the Observer-Reporter asks Facebook friends to respond to a question about an issue in the news. This week, we asked:

“What are your thoughts about the federal government’s consideration of a plan to let schools use federal funds to buy guns for teachers?”

Terry Wise: It would be a waste of tax dollars to arm teachers. Most would cower in the corner when the initial shot was fired instead of defending the students. Plus, who would be held accountable if a student was injured with the purchased weapon? The school, teacher, district, government, etc? Each pointing a finger at the other trying to assign blame versus trying to use funding to keep weapons out of the hands of the criminals themselves.

Will Moore: I think you vastly underestimate the lengths a teacher would go to in order to protect their students. A trained and qualified teacher who opted to carry a concealed weapon would use every tool available to them to eliminate a threat. Teachers in any way uncomfortable with carrying or using a firearm could never be forced or asked to carry or use one. Big difference.

Brenda Neckerman: I’d rather see them use the funds to hire security agents. But, with that being said, yes, I approve.

Carole Pletcher Caramela: And give any teacher who’s willing and trained the option to carry. People are acting like teachers are going to be forced to carry.

Linda Adinolfi Solecki: Nothing like fighting gun violence with more guns ... sure, makes sense ... while kids don’t have pencils, paper, etc., but we can afford guns for teachers.

Chip Conklin: I’ve always thought it odd that schools claim there is no money for pencils tablets or books. But they can always get money to build new football fields or bleachers or swimming pools or gymnasiums. Wouldn’t that buy a lot of pencils?

Oren Spiegler: This proposal is a dream for gun manufacturers and their lobby, the National Rifle Association. It is something which could only be proposed by the Trump administration. Teachers have let it be known that a significant majority of them are opposed to providing this new hazard in the classroom. Who will pay to train the teachers to be law enforcement officers as well as educators?

Jessica Reed: Why don’t you ask the teachers who would be the ones getting the guns? Guarantee most of them do not want guns in the school and don’t want to be the ones carrying them. We need money for school supplies and resources so teachers can do their jobs. Let’s put the money toward free lunches and breakfast for every student so they don’t have to worry about when their next meal is. There are so many things that are a higher priority than guns in our schools. PA’s education system is severely lacking compared to other states.

David Graham: Don’t arm teachers. Arm professional security people of ex-military citizens. And it needs to happen immediately. We protect our MONEY with guns. Our children are vastly more important! So, yeah, armed citizens should protect our kids.

Terri Donaldson: Absolutely not! Teachers are there to teach the students. Spend the money on people trained to carry a gun to protect our schools and keep all those inside safe!

Jessica Bell: Teachers have enough on their plates being that we expect them to educate, as well as parent our children. Instead, hire more armed security whose only job it is to protect the kids.

Joseph A Dotts: They buy and update buses for children’s safety. They pay crossing guards for children’s safety. Why not buy the one thing, the only thing that can stop an active shooter? And that is a trained adult with a good aim and a firearm! The pros outweigh the cons, and let’s face it many of our local schools cannot afford armed security or local police protection. Even if they do have a resource officer he can’t be at all areas of the school at once. A student with even a revolver can do a lot of harm before an officer can get across a school or up the stairs. However, a few properly trained armed teachers on opposite ends of the school could save countless lives! Yes there are risks. It’s life, people. We take a risk each and every time we leave our home. We can’t continue to say “what if.” The fact is it can and will continue to happen in schools big and small until kids see that adults can and will use deadly force to stop it! It can’t be any worse than seeing helpless children be sitting ducks.

Dana Bell: If I find out that there are any guns in my child’s school they will be using their funds to set her up with cyber school. This is abysmal!

Nicolas Borovich: 100 percent on board, so long as those teachers and faculty carrying firearms go through training.

John Elko: Why should a teacher not be granted the right to defend themselves and the children they are charged with?

Bud Roberts: No teacher in other areas where they have been armed is forced to carry. They volunteer, are trained in combat situations. There is only one way to stop a person attacking a school or anyplace else who has a weapon is for others to have weapons. Once in place most shooters will opt for another gun-free zone. A less safe area concerning schools has never been addressed but should be, the picture posted. Criminals almost always look to the easiest target. Check the CO movie shooting: 12 dead and the shooter walked to five theaters before he found one that had the no weapons sign. The U.S. protects airplanes with guns and no one objects but liberals object to protecting society’s kids.

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