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Thatcher Michelle Get back to class and learn about the US Constitution and Bill of Rights ... Then learn to love each other, celebrate differences, AND STOP BULLYING, then stop making people feel like outcasts!

Cindy Ropos Morrison I think there are other ways kids can show their support for these students. Do it before school, after school, etc. I know this sounds crazy, but if you are trying to keep kids safe, this is not the way. These students become sitting ducks.

Peggy Northrop Considering that 33 percent of Americans cannot name a single freedom guaranteed by the First Amendment (according to a 2015 Newseum Institute survey), I think this could be a valuable teachable moment for students, parents and communities. Meanwhile I’d be curious to know how many minutes are spent locally each school year on fire and lockdown drills.

Bob Senay If they understand why they are are walking out I think it’s great. They’re learning that they can make a difference in the political process. Sign them up to vote and teach them to research the candidates. Maybe they will break the two party system.

Sierra McConnell I was 13 when Columbine happened. I wish we would have had the drive and determination these kids have. I have so much hope for Gen Z.

Bill Redstone No one gets to decide whether or not they have a say. It’s their future. It’s their voice. Period. Schools want to cram politics down our kids throat through history books that aren’t all accurate, yet a few people are angry that kids want to stand up because they don’t want shot! Some of these old folks need to go back in their 1950’s hole.

Cathy Gallo-russell This is a sad situation. And maybe it will make a statement. But our schools need protection! We are putting kids in someone else’s hands, we should feel comfortable doing so not scared to death! All schools need armed guards and prayer.

Tom Laird They can’t stand together against bullying or the opioid crisis that kills thousands of kids every year? But this? Really???

Linda Harris Our kids are on the front lines of this war so they deserve to have an opinion! Maybe this will make our lawmakers stand up and notice!

George Herman It’s a wonderful idea that our “future voters” are doing this 17 minute walkout and it’s great the school administrators and teachers are doing it with them. We have to stop the violence in schools and it appears our children are the only way it can get done!! At some point representatives have to listen or not get re-elected.

Gary Chaney Since when do we allow children to skip school to protest something they are not educated enough to have a valid opinion on the subject. Keep them in school and teach them. Over half of them just see this as a chance to not be in class. I, for one, don’t want children preaching to me about any subject.

James Kehn They should learn that if they walk out of class, they’ll be suspended. That would be a good lesson.

Faith Anne Crusan They need to be in class learning, this isn’t college.

Bob Gray Great sentiment but no connection to a solution.

Doris Bower It’s a dumb event. I agree – teach the Constitution, teach and earn respect.

Heather Bottone Carter I hope they all carry signs requesting armed guards at the front doors of all the schools

Oliver Mocha W Good for them!! You can change the world

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