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Each week, the Observer-Reporter asks Facebook friends to respond to a question about an issue in the news. This week, we asked, “What is your opinion of Trinity School Board’s decision to hire four armed police officers for the district’s four elementary schools?” Here are some of the responses:

Eric McCrosky ... you have capitulated to the NRA...

Nicolas Borovich Every school and university should have armed guards, preferably ex-military or ex-police, and/or armed, trained faculty. “Gun Free Zones” tell murderers that they will not be met with resistance from the school.

Mike Horne It’s sad that it had to come to this, but the kids’ safety is #1.

Sue Novick If it makes the kids feel safer, then yes. However, this is still just a Band-Aid. We have to get to the root of the problem – which is much harder and way more expensive to pinpoint how someone turns so evil – home life? Violent video games? Mental illness no matter what the situation? Side effects from medication? Isolated, bullied, no hope? I love the posts going around FB now that talk about instead of the kids walking out in protest they go back in and engage the kid that sits by himself – even if he smells, or is painfully shy or is “weird.” Love the unlovable!!

Steven Pascoe Well seeing as how that armed guard at the school in Florida hid himself behind one of the back doors, pretty clear evidence that just because someone has the power to stop a shooter doesn’t mean they will. You don’t know, and can’t ever know, how an officer would react in the heat of the moment. They have families they think about all the time. They are people. They have fear and emotions. Even the most highly skilled, armed guards can still freeze in the heat of the moment. What could that money be used for instead? Mental health improvement. Security personnel physically there to live monitor surveillance cameras during school hours. Of course these are just a couple suggestions. There is more than one correct answer.

Shawn Stickman Haley Our money is protected by armed guards. Our children should be more valuable than money.

Brenda Neckerman I think it’s about time. Schools need to handle safety themselves, and not wait around for the government to make some kind of new rule. That could take forever. If they really care about their kids, they will take action on their own.

Ron Murphy Fantastic. Trinity is leading the way to children’s safety.

Liz Rush I think it’s an awesome decision. I also think they need metal detectors as well. When I have to go to the school for my grandchildren all that’s required to enter is to scan your driver’s license. That is just not secure enough to me.

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