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Prior to the Biden-Harris regime assuming power, there was minor speculation as to what their administration might look like. I say minor because it would assuredly be filled with far left radicals and its agenda would be as far left as possible. The hope was that maybe there would be a few adults in the room to dampen the uber-radicals.

The reality, as it takes shape, turns out to be an absolute worst-case scenario for the people of America. The Democrat Party has been absolutely sold out to the farthest of the far left. Their agenda is not one of governing in the sense that our Constitution envisions but, rather, taking over the nation in a raw power grab and ruling as a single authoritarian party forever.

Harsh, you say? Not at all. Let’s examine what they are doing.

The America envisioned by the current Democrats is absolute power unconstrained by any moral compass. Progressivism is driven only by the gods of malevolent power, the power of dictators and authoritarians. While they may claim to be pro-American and maybe even pro-democracy, their actions say otherwise. As we are seeing already, they don’t care about the rights of individuals and are not constrained by moral and ethical concerns.

Here is their plan simply stated: Eliminate the filibuster in the Senate, pack the U.S. Supreme Court and federal appeals courts with activist liberal judges and pass the HR 1 voting bill. With those three actions, the United States as founded 245 years ago will cease to exist, the Constitution will become irrelevant and this nation will suffer perpetual one-party rule.

The 215-year-old filibuster rule is a process that generally assures minority party participation in Senate decisions. The Senate traditionally allows unlimited debate. Its rules require 60 votes to end debate and move a bill to a vote. Doing away with the filibuster rule would allow Democrats with the 50-50 split plus the vice president to end debate, which means they could pass any bill that comes to the Senate. This effectively means they could pass any legislation they wish without a single Republican vote (such as The Equity Act). That is single-party rule. This is being currently being debated.

Being able to pass anything they want without a single Republican vote would allow the Democrats to expand the number of justices on the Supreme Court and fill the newly created vacancies with activist judges to rubber stamp progressive legislation regardless of its constitutionality. This is legislating from the bench and possibly judicial sedition. With no check on the legislative branch, every progressive daydream becomes possible. Those daydreams will certainly include HR 1, the Voting Act.

HR 1 is possibly the most dangerous piece of legislation ever to be presented. It is titled “For the People Act” and it is anything but that. This bill passed the House of Representatives, again without a single Republican vote. If this were to become law, it would completely eviscerate every shred of electoral integrity and enshrine in law every action identified as conducive to election fraud. Elections would become meaningless. HR 1 would ensure that there would never again be a free and fair election and that the Democrat Party would be in power forever. It would remove elections from control of the states, as the Constitution mandates, and make them federally controlled while eliminating every safety procedure that exists. The concept of “fair election” simply would not exist.

HR 1 would eliminate all forms of voter ID requirement. Anyone could vote simply by claiming to be whoever he/she said he/she was. It would create same day registration so a person could walk into any polling place, register by claiming to be whoever and a legitimate resident, vote, then go to another polling place and do the same thing.

HR 1 would make mail-in ballots even more insecure than they are now by not requiring any ID and allowing third parties to solicit ballots. Multiple registrations become possible and the use of a mail-in and then in-person voting are also possible. One hundred percent-plus turnouts would be the norm.

HR 1 would automatically register everyone who interacts with a state agency such as Department of Motor Vehicles or welfare as well as most federal agencies. This will lead to multiple registrations. It will also allow essentially unchecked online registration, which opens up immense opportunity for fraud. To compound these issues, it will prevent meaningful efforts to clean up voter registration lists.

HR 1 would allow the IRS to go after any nonprofit criticizing the policies of the party in power – it creates a bureau of thought police.

Remember Barry McGuire’s 1965 hit song “Eve of Destruction”? Well, with HR 1, it’s here.

Dave Ball is chairman of the Washington County Republican Party and a Peters Township councilman.

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