Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) is consuming the Democratic Party. It has turned the House of Representatives into an obstructive, hateful, functionless mob. This poses a real and present danger to our nation.

Democrats are exhibiting psychopathic hate for President Trump. TDS has taken over the functioning of the party and its members to the exclusion of almost everything else. The party’s actions are all about obstructing legislative action and “getting Trump.” They are willing to expose our country to serious security risks and to cause people to suffer while they pursue their attack on the president.

Even before the election, Democrats were fully engaged in developing their TDS mentality. They didn’t see Trump as just a political rival but, rather, as an existential threat to their plan to hand off the Obama administration’s march-to-socialism to Clinton. They realized that Trump stood for everything they did not. He was not “one of them.” He posed a mortal threat to wooly-minded socialism and coastal elites. Trump had to be stopped.

Democratic TDS has taken many forms. It has led to perjury by multiple witnesses and criminal actions by FBI, Department of Justice and elected officials. It led to the funding of the veracity-challenged Steele dossier by Clinton and the DNC. It has been the fuel of the Mueller investigation. It led to the defrauding of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISA). Most recently, it has come to light that a group of officials may have been plotting an administrative coup d’etat. That is a shameful span of derangement – obstruction to treason.

The Steele dossier began as opposition research. It contained a wish list of allegations against Trump and his campaign team. The media reported that “many of the allegations have been verified and none have been proven wrong.” Many of the “verified” allegations are process allegations, such as being in a particular place, having spoken to a particular person or being aware of an event. None verify any wrongdoing. On the other hand, to say “none have been proven wrong” is to require proof of innocence. One does not have to prove innocence. An accuser must prove guilt.

The stench arising from the dossier grew stronger when this politically inspired document was presented to the FISA Court and represented as being verified and true. It was neither. On the basis of a very questionable document, the court took the weighty step of issuing a surveillance warrant for an American citizen, Carter Page. This opened the door for constitutionally questionable eavesdropping on the Trump campaign.

From the Steele dossier came the Mueller investigation. The investigation by Robert Mueller has been in progress for two years. Its purpose was to investigate alleged collusion by the Trump campaign with Russians to influence the 2016 election. Two years, 12 partisan lawyers and $25 million later, the only collusion in evidence is that of Hillary Clinton, the FBI and the Justice Department.

The final hope of Trump haters for the Mueller investigation disappeared with Michael Cohen’s testimony. There was great hope that he would somehow incriminate the president. That didn’t happen. When it came to substantive matters, such as Russian collusion, Cohen had nothing to offer and he refuted some details in the Steele dossier, such as the allegation he had traveled to Prague, a key element in the hoax.

From the FISA warrant ensued a shameful chain of collusion by the FBI, the DOJ and deep state officials to orchestrate a coup to remove the president by any means possible.

With Trump’s victory, the Democrats had to invent a reason Hillary lost. Their invented tale was that Trump had colluded with the Russians to prevent her from winning. To construct this myth, the FBI, DOJ and even our intelligence community were weaponized to attack Trump.

Victor Davis Hanson pointed out that “The thinking of the conspirators was based on three assumptions. First, they all assumed that Hillary would be the next president and any FBI and DOJ unethical and illegal behavior would be forgotten, if not rewarded. Second, the content of the (Steele) dossier was so vile and salacious they could do whatever they pleased. Third, the general contempt in which he was held by the bipartisan coastal elite, celebrities and the deep state meant that even illegal means to continue the campaign era effort to destroy Trump, and now abort his presidency, were felt to be moral and heroic acts without legal consequences, and the media would see the conspirators as heroes.” Coming from a lesser source than Hanson these comments might be suspect but the stature of the source lends a great deal of credibility.

Hanson further commented that the Mueller team learned early on that there was no Trump/Russian collusion, “yet they went ahead to leverage Trump campaign subordinates on process crimes in hopes of finding some culpability in Trump’s past 50-year business, legal and tax records.”

The coup plot was exposed with the admission by Andrew McCabe during a TV interview that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein had raised the issue of possibly invoking the 25th Amendment to remove the president after he fired James Comey. It was reported that Rosenstein even suggested wearing a wire to entrap the president.

Fortunately, the coup has failed.

Losing out on the Mueller investigation and having their nascent coup revealed has not stopped the Democrat’s frenzied quest to remove a duly elected president from office.

Having failed in every attempt so far, the Democrats have now moved well beyond any legitimate investigative function into the mode of a Salem-style witch hunt. They are egregiously overstepping their constitutional mandate and ignoring their primary duty of legislating. Oversight has become politically motivated prosecution.

The rational for the Mueller investigation was fraudulent. This is insanity. Eight different Democrat-controlled House committees are in the process of subpoenaing reams of documents from 81 people in the vain hope of finding anything, no matter how meaningless, upon which to bring impeachment charges.

The Democrats are completely, blindly and psychopathically fixated on the man they hate, Donald Trump.

The Democrats are, at this moment, deranged. How sad for our nation. The people deserve a great deal more.

Dave Ball is vice chairman of the Washington County Republican Party and a Peters Township councilman.

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