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Editor's note: This op-ed was updated Sept. 21 to remove an erroneous reference to Democratic voter fraud in Pendleton County, W.Va. In that case from earlier this year, a postal clerk pled guilty to changing the political affiliation on multiple voter ballots from Democrat to Republican.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has, once again, chosen to insert itself into the Pennsylvania electoral process in a shamelessly partisan manner. It has attempted to effectively rig the mail-in ballot portion of the November election to enable every opportunity possible for Democratic election rigging. The situation is beyond simply partisan. The five-member Democratic majority of the court has flagrantly disregarded the strictures of our Constitution and substituted what they apparently believe necessary to deliver this state to the Democrats. There is simply no other explanation for Wednesday’s rulings.

The Constitution of Pennsylvania is very clear on how and by whom elections shall be conducted. This is all spelled out in the 14 sections of Article VII.

In the entirety of Section VII, no role in the determination of the voting process is assigned to the Supreme Court.

That notwithstanding, on Sept. 17, the Supreme Court handed down several rulings on Democratic lawsuits. They not only ruled on the suits but did so expansively. The rulings were:

a) Mail-in ballots postmarked by 8 p.m. on Election Day may be received and counted as long as they are received by 5 p.m. Nov. 6, three days after the election.

b) If a ballot is received within the three-day period but has no postmark or an illegible postmark, it will be presumed to have been mailed by Election Day and counted.

The two rulings extending the time ballots may be received are extending the day or time the election is conducted in violation of Section 2.

The ruling allowing ballots without postmarks is a violation of Section 4 in that only the Legislature may determine voting method.

c) Ballot drop boxes are legal.

This is a violation of Section 4 – A drop box is not within the control of the elections office and the elections office cannot, therefore, assure the security and secrecy of the ballot.

d) Poll watchers must be registered in the county they are watching.

This is a violation of Section 4 – It fails to reasonably accommodate safety and security of ballots. This should be up to the Legislature.

There is absolutely no reason mail-in ballots need to be mailed on Election Day. They are available 50 days before Election Day. What is wrong with requiring mailed ballots to be at the elections office on Election Day just like people who vote in person? What’s next? Say people can show up at the polls three days late also?

The no postmark stipulation defies all logic and is an open invitation to fraud. This also works right along with ballot harvesting. Using this device, how many unmarked containers of ballots will mysteriously “appear?”

Ballot drop boxes are a simple way of expediting ballot harvesting. Why can’t people make it to a mailbox? There is plenty of time. Watch where these are placed. High Democrat density areas. This is simply aiding and abetting.

Limiting poll watchers to the county in which they are registered is a device to preclude moving sufficient poll watchers from honest counties to places like Philadelphia, Delaware, Montgomery and Chester counties where irregularities are rampant.

Add to the above problems created by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, the federal court ruling that election personnel may not compare outer envelope signatures with registration signatures to validate a ballot and you have completed the trifecta of election rigging. The election officials have no way of verifying that a ballot is from a legitimate voter, cast in a legitimate manner at a legitimate time and delivered legitimately to the elections office. Who could see any problem here, particularly given the track record of vote fraud and manipulation by Democrats we have seen in the news lately in places like Philadelphia and Paterson, N.J.?

In Washington County, at present, there are 20,163 inactive voters. This means they have not voted in a number of elections and may not even still live here. This is a huge reservoir for harvesting. Of those, 9,837 are Democrats. It will be interesting to see how many show as mail-in voters in November. This may rival Philadelphia voting the cemetery.

If the court felt something needed to be fixed, why not send the voting law back to the Legislature to move the last date for obtaining absentee and mail-in ballots back from its current Oct. 27 to Oct. 20. All the problems are fixed. Oops – That’s too easy and doesn’t facilitate manipulation and rigging which is, after all, the apparent objective. Upholding the law certainly isn’t.

Dave Ball is a vice chairman of the Republican Party of Washington County and a Peters Township councilman.

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