Dave Ball

Dave Ball

From one television channel to another, the news is pretty much the same: a peaceful protest burning down Seattle; a peaceful protest looting, pillaging and burning Portland; peaceful protesters burning buildings in Minneapolis. The vacuous talking heads on the likes of CNN, MSNBC and ABC babbling on about how the peaceful protests are in response to the death of George Floyd on May 25.

Let’s look a little more carefully at the peaceful protestors and how they are choosing to peacefully protest. Many sport signs and clothing bearing BLM and Black Lives Matter. There are also antifa references. There are assorted Marxist and communist symbols, and there are profane references to the president and various other people and organizations. Many are armed, some heavily. Ammunition bandoliers and bicycle helmets seem to be stylistically popular.

In the process of carrying out their peaceful protests, they are breaking windows, looting stores, destroying cars, often police cars, burning buildings, hurling objects at police, pulling down fences erected to contain them, toppling statues and other structures, assaulting people and committing various other felony-grade criminal acts of destruction and violence.

Here are a few observations:

n These are not peaceful demonstrations. They are full-blown riots. Hours of video clearly attest to this.

n These riots have nothing to do with George Floyd. Most of the rioters probably could not tell you who he was. They are Marxist anarchy in action.

n All the cities involved are affiliated with Democratic leadership that has no idea how to respond to lawlessness or agrees with their Marxist direction.

n The Democratic Party clearly agrees with the Marxist direction of the lawlessness in the cities because not one Democratic legislator has come forth to denounce the violence and mayhem – not Nancy Pelosi, not Chuck Schumer, not the legislators in the affected states. Most especially not Joe Biden.

What are the Democrats afraid of? Why are they so petrified? They are petrified because socialists have taken over the party. The Democrats are historically leftists. In 2018 Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the “Squad” loudly appeared and captured populist fancy. The 25-candidate stampede of presidential candidates started looking like avowed radical socialist Bernie Sanders might win and the Democrats were forced to disinter Joe Biden. Biden, however, is so weak that in order to even have a chance at the polls, the Democratic platform has sold out to Ocasio-Cortez and Sanders, placing the party hard left, solidly socialist, even Marxist. They can’t offend their now fellow Marxists, the BLM/antifa faction, because they need them. This, alarmingly, is now the future of the party. Look at Minneapolis, Seattle, Portland and the other riot-torn cities and you see the Democrats’ law and order platform. If that is not true, why have they not contained it or at least denounced it?

BLM members have become the storm troopers for the left. BLM was founded in 2013 by radical leftists after the acquittal of George Zimmerman. Various radical organizations associated with BLM and led the riots, arson, looting and violence in Ferguson, Mo.

BLM was soon affiliated with other even more radical groups. In reality, BLM is not much more than a website group overseen by Freedom Road Socialist Organization (FRSO) run by radical socialist activist Alicia Garza. The intent of all these groups is to collect money and channel it to central socialist groups to eliminate capitalism, free markets, limited government and traditional American values.

During the accounts of rioting with which I led this column, BLM gained billions of dollars of corporate support and more billions in free media support. As noted, some media and certain corporations seek to crush individual dissent by creating a fairy tale about what is happening with the riots. People are really dying, buildings are really being burned, lives are really being destroyed, and we are being told about peaceful protests. This deceitful message is the message of the Democratic Party.

Wake up, potential Biden voters. Biden is not who or what you are voting for. You will be voting for socialism and Marxist repression. Freedom is burning. Put out the fire. Reelect our remarkable President Donald Trump.

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