Hoax: A falsehood deliberately intended to deceive by masquerading as truth.

Pennsylvania environmental regulators are set to begin study of a petition to cap carbon dioxide emissions in the state. The intent is to allow the state government a “serious, detailed, comprehensive” consideration of a proposal for regulating greenhouse gas emissions.

Such a regulation would not only violate state law and the state constitution but is unnecessary and would cause huge and very negative impact to the economy with no measurable benefit.

Proponents state, “There is broad scientific consensus that human actions, especially burning fossil fuels, are warming the planet with devastating repercussions that are both apparent and worsening.” It cites as examples heavy rains, heat waves and rising seas. Almost forgot the disappearing polar bears. All this it blames on increasing CO2 levels in the atmosphere. Sounds cataclysmic, but it is simply not true. Science is not consensus, it is provable facts, and the provable facts do not support the assertions.

We are witnessing the biggest, and potentially most expensive, hoax in the history of mankind – climate change. This hoax combines shoddy and dishonest science with malevolent politics and media hype. Cap and trade schemes, such as is being considered in Pennsylvania, result in billions of dollars for brokers and traders with no provable results.

“Climate science” is being used by politicians as a weapon for political change. Liberals have concocted a series of false narratives, all attributed to “science,” that assert a mythology that mankind is destroying our climate and if fossil fuels are not completely abandoned in the next decade, the planet will somehow immolate and life will cease.

The climate change myth is based on fraud and self-serving manipulation of data. Egregious and intentional errors in measurement methodology are well documented. Of local interest is the fraudulent work of Penn State’s Michael Mann and his infamous “hockey stick” temperature curve that, he asserted, was evidence of warming attributed to mankind. Investigation of Mann’s data showed it to be manipulated and edited.

The assertion of climate change is driven by computer models that purport to predict weather. In one study, the predictions of 117 of the leading models in the 1990s were compared to actual temperature data in 2015. On average, the 117 models predicted twice as much warming as actually occurred.

The computer models are strongly predicated on levels of CO2 in the atmosphere. Climate alarmists would have us believe that there is a direct and inexorable link between the level of CO2 in the atmosphere and rising temperatures and that the current level is some kind of historic high. Nonsense.

The current level of atmospheric CO2 is about 380 parts per million. During the Ordovician Period, 460 million years ago, the CO2 concentration was 4,400 parts per million and temperatures were about the same as today. Other examples of CO2 variation are readily demonstrable without corresponding temperature change, so CO2 is not the driver of global temperature.

Much better correlations are found between the strength of the sun’s magnetic field and global temperature. These correlations go back eons, not just a few years. Periods of extremely low solar magnetic field, such as the Maunder Minimum (1645-1715) and the Dalton Minimum (1790-1830) correlate with the coldest periods of the Little Ice Age (1300-1870). Periods of high solar activity such as the Roman Warm Period (250 BC to 400 AD) and the Medieval Warm Period (950-1250) correlate with very warm periods. Solar activity during the late 1900s was 50% higher than was experienced during the last 60 years of the Little Ice Age. That ended in 2006. Solar activity has been declining and is now back to the levels experienced in the 19th century. We are heading toward a much colder period rather than a warmer one.

Proponents of the proposed Pennsylvania regulations cite, “Study after study indicate we are running out of time.” Just what reputable and scientific studies are there? All they have are demonstrably flawed computer models. Computer models are not provable scientific fact, and the reality is that none of them has proven even close to being accurate. The media have completely ignored a recent petition signed by 31,000 scientists, all of whom disputed the global warming theory.

The proponents of mindless regulations cite recent “heavy rains, heat waves and rising seas” as evidence of climate change.

Consider sea levels. Alarmists predicted that entire nations would be wiped out by rising sea levels if action was not taken by 2000. In point of fact, sea levels have risen 400 feet since the last glacial maximum 26,500 years ago and are currently rising at the rate of one to two mm a year and have been for 300 years. In one hundred years, this would be less than eight inches. This is a long way from the 20 feet alarmists have been predicting.

Heavy rains? In 1927, many weeks of torrential rain along the Mississippi River created a flood that covered 27,000 square miles (half the size of Pennsylvania), displaced 640,000 people and submerged farmlands under 30 feet of water.

Heat waves? There are numerous events such as the 240 year mega-drought that began in 850 AD in what is now the desert southwest.

The “disappearing” polar bears? Their population is increasing and has at least doubled, maybe more, in the last 30 years.

The earth reached its peak temperature 65 million years ago. This was 13 degrees warmer than today. Since then, it has been cooling. Approximately 25 million years ago, Antarctic ice sheets began to grow. For the last 2.5 million years, the earth has experienced periodic ice ages wherein much of its surface was covered with ice, many miles thick in places. During this period, there have been 17 glaciations, each about 100,000 years in duration with interim periods of about 10,000 years between glaciations wherein temperatures rose enough to melt glaciers. We are currently in an interglacial period called the Holocene and it is coming to an end. The earth is overdue for its next ice age. Long term, the earth is cooling and has been for 65 million years.

Let’s state the reality clearly. Climate change is a manufactured hoax with no provable scientific basis.

Liberals own and operate this hoax. They are trying to sell this garbage. Don’t buy it.

Dave Ball is vice chairman of the Washington County Republican Party and a Peters Township councilman.

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