Since the Biden administration took office on Jan. 20, it has infected nearly every corner of American life to no positive benefit.

Let’s look at a few of the more obvious Biden disasters.

How is our economy doing? Inflation, currently at 5.4%, is adversely impacting every American family and is forecast to continue to climb. Inflation has already wiped out four years of wage gains. Producer price inflation hit a record 7.8% in July indicating inflation may be with us a long time. Unemployment, recently at all-time lows, is now at 5.9% and climbing. The Consumer Price Index has risen 3.8% since February. The price of gasoline is as high as it has been in a long while. The cost of milk, meat, produce and other food items are rising rapidly. Cars are 30% to 40% more costly than several months ago. It just goes on.

Outrageous spending programs will make it worse. The economy has been turned into a growing disaster with no relief in sight.

What about immigration? Immigration at our southern border is completely out of control. This year 2 million illegal aliens will enter this country virtually unchallenged. Many are criminals. Many bring various diseases with them, including COVID-19. They are being shipped off to locations that the government refuses to disclose, maybe your town. President Biden is openly ignoring the law and the Constitution. Illegal immigration is bad for Americans, but Biden sees them as a future vote bank for Democrats. You lose.

How about the rising crime rate in our major cities. Mayors and district attorneys who refuse to enforce the law? It is apparently a Biden policy to allow crime, looting and violence in the streets because nothing is being done to stop it. Antifa thugs are running wild in Los Angeles with no arrests. Defunding the police, another Democratic favorite, does what to improve America?

There was a time when one could call upon the FBI to solve major crimes. Today, they are a major crime. The CIA violates its prohibition regarding domestic intelligence gathering regularly and apparently with impunity, as does the National Security Agency. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention was once an agency charged with fighting exotic contagious diseases like yellow fever. Now they have unconstitutionally assumed the power to shut down our economy and enslave our population. That all came about under Biden. Another touch, another disaster.

How about Biden’s war on energy? What did illegally shutting down the Keystone Pipeline do other than cost tens of thousands of American jobs, hurt American energy independence, and potentially cost billions of dollars in damage settlements? Our energy industry that achieved national energy independence under President Trump is being systematically dismantled in favor of pie in the sky “renewable energy” schemes that have no chance of success.

Who is for appeasement? This administration’s America Last policy is devastating our foreign policy, returning it to the failed appeasement policy of the Obama years. The Afghanistan withdrawal is being described as possibly the greatest foreign policy disaster in U.S. history. The Taliban has overrun Afghanistan in three weeks and the U.S. has left billions of dollars of weapons to fall into Taliban hands. Biden ordered a hasty and disorderly abandonment of the people of Afghanistan which is likely to result in mass murder and rape, given the Taliban’s history. He has dishonored this nation and the men and women who fought there. Watching helicopters evacuate embassy personnel is a disgrace. But he doesn’t care. He is hiding out at Camp David afraid to face even his own cabinet, the White House is closed for business and his press secretary is on vacation. How’s that for involvement?

How can we not mention the crown jewel of dystopian thought under Biden, the legislative branch. There are pending a $1.4 trillion infrastructure bill that is anything but infrastructure, and a $3.5 trillion liberal wish list bill that are absolutely insane. The Democrats realize they have to pass these before the end of 2022 when they will be swept from office and should be charged with dereliction of duty.

How does Biden shut down dissent? Why do people not know about this? Google, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have been enlisted by the government to become thought police, to arbitrarily block, censor and delete discourse that they determine to be contrary to what? The Biden party line.

Speak and act while you can, voters. Biden plans to repeal your voice and your vote. You are watching it happen right now

Dave Ball is chairman of Washington County Republican Party and a Peters Township councilman.


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