Dave Ball

Dave Ball

As the presidential campaign heads into its final weeks, it is very obvious that President Trump’s supporters are wildly enthusiastic. Signs are everywhere. Every time he or a surrogate speaks, huge crowds appear to cheer. “Four more years” is the refrain because people understand his accomplishments and support his programs. On the other side, there is no visible enthusiasm for Joe Biden. A “crowd” may be 10 people (which the press will dutifully report as “hundreds”). Few cheer his programs because most have no idea what he is proposing. Besides, cheers of “we want socialism” don’t sound good anyway. The greatest emotion the liberals can generate is hate for Trump, and their most enthusiastic gatherings seem to involve burning down cities. That is not exactly positive politics.

In a sense, I guess I understand. What is there to like about Biden? Here is a man who has spent his life in politics, who never actually held a job; a man who spent his life with his hand in the public’s pocket.

Biden has been described, variously, as a master of lack of positive accomplishment, a racist, a hypocrite, poor on foreign policy, a liar, a supporter of China, an underhanded business dealer with China and involved in some questionable dealings with Ukraine. It’s easy to see why no one is excited about him.

When Biden was a senator in Delaware, he aligned himself with Robert Byrd, a former Klansman, to oppose busing and school desegregation. Biden even eulogized Byrd upon his death and yet he has the gall to refer to Trump, who supports school choice, as a racist.

It appears that Biden’s penchant for saying not so brilliant things didn’t start recently. During his unremarkable stint in the Senate, Biden served as Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee. In his memoirs, Secretary of State Robert Gates was quoted as saying, “Biden has been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.” Biden said, for example, “The Taliban is not our enemy.” Biden also supported the lies surrounding the killing of Ambassador Christopher Stevens and four others in Benghazi. Let’s not forget Biden’s role in sending pallets of cash to Iran in a major case of diplomatic bribery. That money is alleged to have been instrumental in allowing Iran to become a nuclear power. Maybe Joe doesn’t remember that one, either.

It was with China that Biden reached the bottom of his accomplishments. Biden has long been an advocate for China. He lobbied hard for their gaining Most Favored Nation status as well as World Trade Organization membership. Joe acted as China’s protector whenever problems or questions arose concerning their human rights, labor conditions or fair trade practices. Biden ran interference while China built artificial islands in the South China Sea that, to this day, threaten international shipping.

Biden, and his son Hunter, were involved in questionable deals with various Chinese businesses such as BHR Partners that allegedly resulted in $1.5 billion being funneled through Hunter’s companies. Additionally, Hunter was named to the executive board of a Shanghai company at a substantial salary and later became an investor.

With China threatening the United States by cyber theft, cheap labor, illegal trade and now coronavirus, candidate Biden says, “Come on, man, I mean, you know, they’re not bad folks … they’re not competition for us.”

When it came time for Biden to pick a running mate, his only criteria were that person had to be female and Black, not otherwise qualified. This is the same Biden who said Obama was “the first sort of mainstream African American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy.” I hope Kamala Harris is honored that she meets those lofty criteria. Harris herself is a supporter of abortion and promised to ban what she calls “AR-15 style assault weapons.” In other words, she has no regard for the Constitution.

During the campaign, Biden has talked about having a “plan” for everything, but 47 years in government with no accomplishments gives little credence to that. Harris dropped out of the presidential race with no funding and no support, even among California Democrats.

So that is where we are. Excited Republicans enthusiastically supporting their candidates, and liberals almost ashamed to admit who their candidates are. They are a party running solely on hate with substandard candidates. It’s easy to see why they are not excited.

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