Dave Ball

Dave Ball

The job of president of the United States is tough. It is physically and mentally demanding. The incumbent of the office must be able to think through problems as well as deal face-to-face with a multitude of people in various forums. The president must stand before cameras and audiences and make coherent addresses. The president must stand before packs of frequently hostile press personnel and answer often convoluted questions. The president is expected to conduct meetings of high-ranking personnel and to conduct those meetings with quick recollection, solid recall of facts and command of detail. All of the aforementioned must be done both in prepared and extemporaneous settings.

To perform what has been described requires a sharp and agile mind. When considering someone as a candidate for the office of president, the voters of this nation have every right to question whether that candidate is capable of performing the functions described.

Anyone who has seen Joe Biden on TV over the past year has witnessed a most unfortunate and undeniable deterioration of Biden’s mental faculties. This observation is not a partisan shot but a broad-based observation.

His campaign handlers are keeping him out of the public eye as much as possible, away from live TV, and certainly away from impromptu talking. Reading a teleprompter has become a challenge. Even the always friendly New York Times said in a headline, “A Candidate in Isolation: Inside Joe Biden’s Cloistered Campaign,” and then went on to say, “Walled off from voters in a distinctive kind of lockdown, Mr. Biden has developed a routine, of sorts, as he seeks the presidency from his basement.”

If one looks at his TV commercials, they are cut and paste productions. Snippets of lucidity strung together to give the appearance of rationality and vitality that does not exist. When was the last time anyone recalls seeing Biden on a nationally telecast live feed for more than a few seconds? His campaign can’t chance it. Why is his campaign working so hard to duck live debates? Simply because he would be a disaster one on one with the president. Biden does not even answer questions. The answers come from “the Biden Campaign.”

The people of this country have a very real interest in seeing and evaluating the mental capability of Joe Biden. We are not talking about anything special. Just get him out of the basement and on the campaign trail. Let him speak live in front of real audiences, in front of live network TV cameras. Let him be interviewed by reporters from other than MSNBC, CNN and ABC, some reporters who will ask real and not prepared and rehearsed questions.

None of this is Biden’s fault. He was pulled out of comfortable retirement by a panicked DNC, scared to death that Bernie Sanders would be selected as their candidate. Biden was selected not because he was a good candidate, because he’s not, but because he was considered less frightening than Sanders.

So look what the DNC got. Biden is falling apart. The party has moved so far left that Sanders is beginning to look moderate. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her fellow Marxists are taking over the party, and the DNC has committed to a vice presidential candidate based on pigment and gender when they really need a strong backstop for the failing Biden.

The disaster is that the DNC is now forming an unholy amalgam of Sanders, AOC, Beto O’Rourke and Karl Marx and calling it “Biden’s Platform.” The real orchestrators of the show are George Soros, Tom Steyer, Barak Obama and the Clintons.

Biden is the hapless pawn in the middle. It is too late to find a substitute for him. They could find a better qualified vice president by changing the criteria and then invoking the 25th Amendment shortly after the inauguration in the unlikely event they should win – a bait and switch con game.

Americans can avoid all this by demanding that Biden show up and let the people see what they are voting for.

Dave Ball is vice chairman of the Republican Party of Washington County and a Peters Township councilman.

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