The president delivered a beautiful speech in the aftermath of the latest American mass gun homicide atrocities. He appropriately condemned racism, bigotry, and white nationalism, and accurately referenced the slaughter as domestic terrorism. He said that we need to tone down our hate, come together, and enact bipartisan solutions to address the ailment of mass gun murders that is unique to this country. One who heard Trump's words and who had been asleep for the past several years would not have recognized the hypocrisy in what he said.

Would the president have us set aside the hatred and intolerance he has imbued in his followers, his reference to Mexican immigrants as criminals, rapists, and drug dealers, his characterizing those who seek asylum here as engaging in an "invasion," his efforts to preclude all of the Muslim faith from residing here, his stated desire for Norwegians to immigrate to the United States? What message does he think is being received by the ignorant and the weak-minded among his flock, some of whom will feel that they are doing his bidding if they seek through violent means to make our country a homogeneous white bastion?

Perhaps most outrageously, when a Florida Trump rally-goer suggested shooting immigrants three months ago, Trump laughed and said, "You can only get away with that statement in the Panhandle."

Donald Trump is the man who throws a lit match into a can of gasoline and is then surprised when flames ensue.

Will he begin to model himself after the eloquent words he read from a teleprompter or will he be true to form, soon disavowing what he said?

Oren Spiegler

Peters Township