Isn't it amazing how Air Force One can go to Iowa, to Poland, to Belgium or to any other place the president wishes. But it has no idea how to go to the southern border. You would think it would have the most sophisticated GPS system available. Does the administration think there is some kind of Bermuda Triangle effect over the Lone Star State? Are the pilots typical males who have too much pride to ask for directions? Does President Biden's cognition go further south if he travels that way?

Wouldn't it be nice if Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris would stand beside each other near the Rio Grande, with their arms outstretched, like two elementary school crossing guards, telling the undocumented immigrants to go back and do it the right way, like so many generations have done. Then people wouldn't be yelling, "Lets go Brandon." They would be saying, "Way to go, Joe!"

Robert BonAnno