Who’s representing us, anyway?

Just how well do our elected officials represent us, the voting public? Well, I recently found out ... they don’t!

Last week I took the time to write my U.S. congressman, Guy Reschenthaler. I introduced myself in my letter (on his official web page) as a Vietnam veteran and retired clergyman. I expressed my outrage with William Barr, the nation’s attorney general, his lies to Congress and the public, his violating the law of the land as well as the lies and violating the law taking place by Donald Trump. I fully explained my concerns for our democracy and country, which I will not fully outline in this letter due to space allowed.

In response to my taking the time to fully express all of my concerns and seeking Reschenthaler’s help in saving our democracy and working together with Congress to “do the right thing” in a bipartisan manner I received his response. It was a lengthy form letter informing me of all he has done for veterans and the bills he sponsored and worked for in helping veterans.

I guess that’s how our elected officials represent “we the people.” It confirmed my opinion that the Republican Party just doesn’t represent all the people. The proof’s in the printed word that I received.

Rev. Joseph Lewandowski (retired)