What happened to honorable campaigning?

Are the Democrats actively seeking to engage in behavior which promotes the re-election of Donald Trump to inflict four more catastrophic years which would indelibly change our country for the worse?

Elizabeth Warren opens up an ugly spat with fellow candidate Bernie Sanders over whether he told her that a woman cannot be elected president, and the two suggest that the other is lying. Hillary Clinton punches Sanders in the gut by asserting that “nobody likes him” and that he is a political hack who is devoid of accomplishment.

Is there little interest in campaigning honorably, to rise above the fray, and to refrain from making remarks which can only serve to split the party when cohesiveness is so desperately needed?

I understand that Secretary Clinton is upset with Sanders because he did not wholeheartedly support her and was late in endorsing and campaigning for her. Let her state her preference for whom the nominee should be if she wishes, but for heaven’s sake, do not engage in “friendly fire” to settle a score, serving to bloody an individual who could very well become the standard-bearer of the party!

Oren Spiegler

Peters Township